10 Amazon Prime shows to look forward to in 2022

Over the past few years, Amazon Prime Video has established itself as one of the streaming platforms that viewers can rely on to produce a large amount of content. Additionally, Amazon has also shown that it is not going to limit itself to any particular genre or niche, but rather will produce a wide variety of series in many different genres and formats.

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Luckily for those who are always on the lookout for exciting and thought-provoking new series to watch, Amazon Prime Video has a number of new and recurring shows slated for 2022.


Reach – February 4

Alan RitchsonJack Reacher

Crime thriller is one of the most popular genres and there are many thriller TV shows available. Amazon has decided to jump into this particular game in a big way with the 2022 release of its new series, To reach, which focuses on the main character’s involvement in a criminal conspiracy after being falsely accused of a crime. Alan Ritchson brings a powerful energy to the character, and so far the series has proven very faithful to the original series of novels.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 – February 18

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of the most charming shows to appear on Prime Video. Much of this can be attributed to the main cast, including Rachel Brosnahan as the title character, a Jewish housewife who discovers she is very good at stand-up comedy. The series has excelled in blending its comedic and dramatic elements, allowing the viewer to become invested in this character and his trials and triumphs, although it also shines a light on American life and culture during the post-war years.

Go Live Season 2 – March 11

Download season 2 release date

Like The wonderful Mrs. MaiseI, To download manages to combine several different genres. On the one hand, it’s very much a comedy, but it also has dramatic elements, as the various characters deal with the many complexities and problems posed by a world in which human beings can upload their consciousness into a virtual afterlife. .

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However, where it really succeeds is as science fiction, asking the tough questions about the afterlife and how much human beings should want to control what happens to them after death.

The Boys Season 3 – June 3

spinoff details of the boys future of the amazon shared universe franchise

The boys is arguably one of the best series to emerge on Amazon Prime, and it’s easy to see why many would think so. Unlike many other series, which focus on superheroes and their abilities, this one tells the stories of a group of vigilantes who specifically oppose those who have been corrupted by their superpowers. The first two seasons successfully posed some tough questions about the nature of heroism, and it seems likely that will continue into the third season, which is slated for release in the summer of 2022.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – September 2

Dwarf in Lord of the Rings Rings of Power

The Lord of the Rings the films are still widely regarded as some of the best films of the 2000s, and now Amazon is poised to take viewers back to the immersive, immersive world of Middle-earth. This series will focus on the Second Age and, as the title suggests, Sauron and the forging of the Rings of Power will be at the center of the story, as will the Elves and their relationship with men. Given its huge budget and the amount of publicity Amazon is already giving the series, it’s sure to be a big hit when it comes out later this year.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 – TBA

The Wheel of Time Episode 6 Moiraine Waygate

With The Lord of the Ringsfrom Amazon The wheel of time is sure to be considered one of the biggest television events of the year. The first season has already shown that the show knows what to do with its many great characters, and it seems likely that the second season will continue to do the same. In addition to introducing many new characters, many of whom show extraordinary bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, it will also have to answer some of the lingering questions raised by the powerful first season finale.

The lake – TBA

Amazon Prime is still worth it after price hike in early 2022

Even though Amazon has made a name for itself with its dramas, thrillers, and fantasy series, it is also well known for having many comedies in its lineup. In addition to its existing catalog, it is now planned to have a series produced in Canada, Lake.

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Although plot details for the series are somewhat sparse, it will focus on a man’s attempt to reunite with the girl he gave up for adoption, even though his plans to do so are disrupted by items beyond his control.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – TBA

Donald Glover in Atlanta

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is one of Brad Pitt’s best films, and there’s no denying that there’s phenomenal chemistry between him and Angelina Jolie. Given that this is something of a golden age of reboots, it was probably inevitable that this 2005 movie would get that treatment as well. It indeed is, and this new version, which is set to star Donald Glover, is set to premiere sometime next year (although who will star opposite Glover has yet to be revealed). .

The platform – TBA

Alwyn leaning against a ledge in The Rig

In addition to the fantasy series that Amazon has greenlit, the studio has also commissioned the production of a supernatural horror show titled The platform. Although plot details are still a bit sparse, it will apparently focus on a group of men on an oil rig in the North Sea who have to deal with a dangerous fog that cuts off communications and forces them to face forces that they cannot fully comprehend and that can result in their death.

The list of terminals – TBA

Amazon Premier

Chris Pratt has many great roles under his belt. Time and time again, he’s shown he can excel in any genre of film or TV he finds himself in. He’s also shown he’s a very bankable star, and he’s sure to bring his own particular brand of charisma to The list of terminalsa thriller that focuses on his character’s struggles to make sense of his past while fighting against those who want to destroy him.

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