10 best episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+

While the IP mammoth that is Star Wars is understandably considered a mostly live-action theatrical franchise, the sprawling space opera has had its fair share of memorable stories in other mediums. The Clone Wars The anime television series is one such project, garnering an impressive following of fans and strong critical reception throughout its 7 seasons.


  • Ghosts of Mortis – Season 3, Episode 17
  • Krell’s Carnage – Season 4, Episode 10
  • Revenge – Season 4, Episode 22
  • The Lawless – Season 5, Episode 16
  • The Bad Jedi – Season 5, Episode 20
  • Commands – Season 6, Episode 4
  • Sacrifice – Season 6, Episode 13
  • The Phantom Apprentice – Season 7, Episode 10
  • Shattered – Season 7, Episode 11
  • Victory and Death – Season 7, Episode 12

Still, it might be one of the franchise’s most unfairly overlooked ventures. The Clone Wars retroactively provided much needed context for the dodgy prequel trilogy, filling in the gaps and introducing many compelling characters and story arcs through episodes that told some of the galaxy’s most resonant stories on Disney+.

Ghosts of Mortis – Season 3, Episode 17

After the prequel trilogy was criticized in part for delving too deeply into science fiction to provide biological context for the Force that was unnecessary, the story arc of The Ones-focused episodes takes things back to the spiritual roots. of the concept.

The Ones are made up of Father, Son and Daughter, all of whom function as embodiments of the Light and Dark sides of the Force. Ghosts of Mortisin particular, was particularly potent for the dark foreshadowing of what will become of Anakin Skywalker. The thematic images and commentary were as captivating as they were chilling.

Krell’s Carnage – Season 4, Episode 10

The same way as Batman: The Animated Series was revered for balancing a wonderful degree of childish imagination with grounded nuances, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was more than capable of handling darker, nuanced subject matter when it took off.

Krell Rampage is one of the series’ darkest episodes, tackling themes of clone individuality and humanity. The cruel Jedi Master Krell has become a towering antagonist in this 4 episode arc, reaching a crescendo in a dark and unforgettable climax that emphasizes the “Dark Times” to come.

Revenge – Season 4, Episode 22

While Darth Maul’s death recovery initially seemed like cheap fan service, it resulted in one of the most fulfilling character arcs in the Star Wars franchise. In addition to Filoni’s excellent writing, it’s also partly thanks to Sam Witwer’s terrifying and hard-hitting performance as the vengeful former Sith Lord.

The Season 4 finale gave fans everything they could have wished for in the form of the first grudge match between Maul and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Revenge is also complemented by Maul’s brother, Savage Opress, being pursued by Asajj Ventress, dark side henchman turned bounty hunter, who seeks to earn his own redemption arc.

The Lawless – Season 5, Episode 16

Palpatine igniting his two lightsabers in a duel against Maul and Savage Opress.

In one of the most captivating episodes of The Clone Wars, The lawless brings together one of the greatest spectacles and emotionally heartbreaking stories. Obi-Wan is taken prisoner by the current Mandalorian ruler – Maul – and is forced to watch the one love of his life executed before him.

Bo-Katan Kryze comes to his rescue with his Death Watch in tow, before the episode ultimately turns into a mind-blowing lightsaber duel with Maul and Opress against none other than Emperor Palpatine. It’s amazing that The lawless was somehow not a season finale with the amount of tension contained in it.

The Bad Jedi – Season 5, Episode 20

In truly tragic fashion, the Season 5 finale forced Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano into one of the most ruthless positions. The Bad Jedi sees her stand trial for a murder she was framed for, resulting in her being excommunicated from the Jedi Order. It’s an incredibly emotional episode, because even after Anakin manages to find out who was really behind the murder, it’s not enough to convince Ahsoka to return to the Order.

The Bad Jedi is a brilliantly poignant episode, highlighting the arrogant flaws of the Jedi creed. Despite the prequel trilogy stumbling most of the time, Revenge of the Sith was well received for setting the tone of an epic tragedy, and this episode makes excellent use of that thematic balance.

Commands – Season 6, Episode 4

Season 6 Orders arguably takes things in an even darker direction compared to the above Krell Rampage. The episode follows clone trooper Fives as he tries to uncover the mystery behind the computer chips implanted in the clone troopers’ brains. Things go awry after Fives attempts to meet with Palpatine about it, as he is framed as a traitor and forced to flee.

The harrowing episode ended with Fives dying, with his last words to his 501st Legion brothers-in-arms a warning of the greater conspiracy to come. Fives’ fate was even more crushing given that he did the right thing, only to be mortally punished for it all the same.

Sacrifice – Season 6, Episode 13

Although fans can’t yet know for sure how many Knights of the Old Republic will be integrated into the main gun, Sacrifice Tastefully dabbles in its tradition – if somewhat revamped. This episode ended the story arc beginning with Grand Master Yoda seeking to uncover the true origins of the Force, traveling to the dark side planet of Moraband.

He stumbles upon an illusion of Darth Bane, which is especially exciting to see as this was the first time the ancestor of the Sith’s Rule of Two was canonically acknowledged. Of course, however, the season finale ends with a thrilling rematch between Yoda and Palpatine, impressively managing to push the theme of ‘hope’ into the long term despite fans knowing the oppressive short-term future. of the galaxy.

The Phantom Apprentice – Season 7, Episode 10

Maul confronts Ahsoka on Mandalore in The Phantom Apprentice.

Season 6 was supposed to be the series finale for The Clone Wars, if bluntly. However, the fan campaigns seemed to be working when Season 7 was announced as a Disney+ Original, premiering throughout 2020. The season largely lived up to the weight of expectations, with the latter, in particular, standing out.

The Ghost Apprentice Excitingly sees Ahsoka take the fight straight to Maul on Mandalore, perfectly fleshing out both fighters’ characterizations while showcasing a tantalizing lightsaber duel. All of this tension is punctuated by the imminent threat of Order 66.

Shattered – Season 7, Episode 11

After Ahsoka’s climactic duel with Maul during the Siege of Mandalore, Bursts divides his story in two. In the first, fans see Palpatine’s gradual rise to power executing Order 66 and officially ushering in the Great Jedi Purge. Meanwhile, the second half follows Ahsoka and Maul’s mad dash to escape the current chaos and avoid the fate to come.

The episode won acclaim for its methodical elaboration of Order 66 and the mastery with which it instills a sense of dread. It’s particularly impressive to convey such an atmosphere in an event whose fans are already experiencing the greatest result.

Victory and Death – Season 7, Episode 12

Ahsoka standing in front of the graves of her friends and comrades who died in The Clone Wars series finale.

The true finale of the series, victory and death again inspired by Revenge of the Siththe grand emotional impact. This episode arguably captures the essence of what makes Star Wars what it is in its purest form, using Ahsoka’s point of view alongside clone trooper Captain Rex in the grueling final moments of the Clone Wars.

victory and death follow the couple’s harrowing attempt to escape the aftermath of the Siege of Mandalore. Seeing Ahsoka having to bury her former comrades and friends is one of the most haunting images in the series.

Seasons 1 to 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars are available to stream now on Disney+.

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