10 Best RPGs Starring A Famous Voice Actor, Ranked By Their Performance

RPGs, especially recent popular affairs like Ring Elden, could easily be considered the most cinematic or theatrical entries in the realm of video games. Of course, every film or theater production needs a great cast to bring its characters to life, and the video game industry has no shortage of voice-over talent.

Celebrities voicing video game characters aren’t exactly a new practice, but the idea of ​​having them in RPG titles looks more high on the matter. With so many games in the genre relying so heavily on dialogue, storytelling, and other similar elements, artists involved in RPG video games need to put more than just their voice into the characters.


ten Keith David (Mass Effect series)

When he’s not battling aliens with MacReady, dealing with the antics of Rick and Morty, or donning the mantle of Spawn, Keith David leads the Normandy in Bioware’s epic space opera, Mass Effect. Like so many of David’s roles, Captain David Anderson is one that evokes awe, power, and respect.

RELATED: 10 Best RPG Games You Can Play In VR, RankedBefore Commander Shepard takes over, Anderson is the decorated officer who simply commands his reputation. It is direct, eloquent and has a resonance and delivery that evokes a performance similar to that of James Earl Jones. To say he’s not one of the most memorable performances in the game would be an outright lie.

9 Freddie Prinze Jr. (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

When most fans think of Freddie Prinze Jr., they may think of some of his romantic leads in a variety of teen rom-coms or even Freddie Jones in live-action. Scooby-Doo, but players know him by a completely different name and character type. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, Prinze broke the type cast with his portrayal of the Iron Bull.

The tall, minotaur-like Qunari is one of the playable members of the Inquisition party, and Prinze’s mix of heart and humor is what really brings him to life. Whether acting as an ally, confidant or even lover, the Iron Bull is undoubtedly one of the most interesting members of the player’s forces in the game.

8 Michael Fassbender (Fable 3)

Tale 3 is home to a long list of voice talent, with a full cast of stage and screen performers. Ben Kingsley, Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg are just a few of the players hard at work in this Xbox RPG, but one of the must-haves is Michael Fassbender as the devious Logan.

Fassbender is no stranger to villainous roles, especially having had a character like Magneto under his belt, but the player character’s evil brother is a mix of subtle and over the top that makes for one of the game’s most memorable performances. Logan is everything an evil monarch should be, both Shakespearean and Monty Python, and his nasal voice won’t leave the player any time soon.

seven Sir Patrick Stewart (Oblivion)

The immortal Sir Patrick Stewart is a legend of stage and screen, and his contributions to video games are no exception. Many might first think of his portrayal of Zobek in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, but its brief portrayal of Emperor Uriel Septim VII of Oversight is arguably the most recognizable in terms of video game lore.

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For many old scrollsplayers, the Shakespearean actor’s regal voice was the first to usher them into the lands of Cyrodiil. Like many of Stewart’s roles, The Emperor comes with his distinguished and refined tones. Although he doesn’t stay with the player very long, he leaves a lasting impression of a noble that an entire kingdom would follow.

6 Andy Serkis (Various)

Andy Serkis is an actor with a wide range of vocal and performance skills. Whether behind a microphone or in a motion capture suit, Serkis lends his talents to regions extending far beyond those of Middle-earth.

With many the Lord of the Ringsvideo game titles, Serkis has lent his voice to RPG titles like Resurrectedbut he is perhaps best known for his villainous portrayal of King Bohan in A heavenly sword. The wicked monarch Conan-The fantasy-inspired title is truly a detestable character, and the actor’s delightfully sinister vocal performance really makes him a standout feature for the game.

5 Liam Neeson (Fallout 3)

There’s a lot Bethesda fans can take from Fallout 3. Safes, mech suits, and “tunnel snakes rule!” are just a few nuggets of radiant charm that come with every new game, but no discussion of this RPG would be complete without mentioning Liam Neeson’s role as the Wanderer’s father, James. Neeson is no stranger to hard-hitting projects, and To fall is no different.

Having roles of Qui-Gon Jinn and Aslan in his repertoire, Liam Neeson is certainly pre-equipped with a soft, strong and fatherly voice, making him ideal in the role that helped mold the protagonist into a nuclear wasteland. sorry. That being said, it would certainly have been interesting to see things take a more Taken direction.

4 Tim Curry (Dragon Age: Origins)

When it comes to famous voice actors, few can compare to the legendary Tim Curry’s vocal chops. The prolific actor has lent his talent to several video game titles, but when it comes to RPGs, his most prominent role is as Arl Howe in Dragon Age: Origins.

RELATED: 10 Modern RPGs With Traditional MechanicsCurry has made his entire career playing some of the most extraordinary villains, from Dr. Frank-N-Furter to Pennywise the Dancing Clown, but Arl Howe is easily one of his best entries into the fantasy genre. A noble assassin with an unquenchable thirst for power, his already devious nature and design are already complemented by Curry’s nefarious and recognizable voice.

3 Christopher Plummer (Skyrim)

The late Christopher Plummer was a stage and screen phenom, having credits that included The sound of music, Oedipus King, and Knives out. A performer with her roster of credits needed a role that best played to her distinguished assets.

Arngeir Greybeard is the leader of the clan of mystics atop High Hrothgar in Skyrim, and Plummer’s seasoned, shrunken voice fits the character perfectly. Plummer was a decorated performer with decades of experience under his belt, and that goes a long way in his voice, making him ideal for the leader of a group of dragon-worshipping wizards.

2 Keanu Reeves (Cyberpunk 2077)

Say that Cyberpunk 2077 has something of a checkered history is a bit of an understatement, but it does have huge saving grace in the form of Keanu Reeves as video rock star poster boy Johnny Silverhand. In recent years, Reeves has had an even bigger boom in his popularity thanks to projects like John Wick, Matrix: Resurrections, and more.

The game had more than its fair share of issues when it first released, that’s undeniable, but Reeves was easily one of the biggest selling points before it even hit the shelves. Not just any actor could take the concept of a revolutionary cyborg rock star and play it well, but Reeves was the man for the job. An actor who just oozes with his sheer presence and smooth voice, whether he’s fighting gunmen or rogue robots and agents of evil corporations.

1 Jim Cummings (various)

Jim Cummings is a voice actor with nearly countless credits in movies, TV shows, commercials, video games, and more. While perhaps best known for his ongoing role as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Cummings has a long list of gaming credits to his name, but the RPGs that make up the list are nothing short of amazing.

Cummings has credits for Skyrim, Mass Effect, Kingdom Hearts, and Baldur’s Gate, Just to name a few. Perhaps the most notable of his long list of acting roles is that of Gadflow, the evil fae antagonist of Kingdoms of Amalur. There’s just something incredibly disturbing about Winnie the Pooh being responsible for the deaths of so many mortals.

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