10 “futuristic” films that took place in the past year


While Hollywood and science fiction films in particular like to explore the possible future of humanity in various ways ranging from advanced societies to post-apocalyptic societies, there is the risk of being too specific with the period when these are stories set in the near future given the longevity of some popular films.

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Using vague references such as “in the near future” helps prevent a “futuristic” film from becoming obsolete over the years, although there have been some excellent examples of films shot in the future that used a date. specific now outdated. While some of these films were pretty close in their predictions for the future, others were far away, which we’ll take a closer look at today.

ten 1984 Imagined a dystopian totalitarian society oppressed by the government big brother

Big Brother and his followers in 1984

George Orwell wrote 1984 in 1949, which predicted a totalitarian superstate known as the Airstrip that formed after a world war and the revolution that followed that led to an oppressive government that ruled over its conformed citizens of force with the thought police and the omniscient eye of the government official, Big Brother.

Kinematics 1984 was also released in 1984, which highlighted some of the extreme differences of the era, although fans of the novel and film today can see more than a few frightening similarities with the increased scrutiny our society lives under. currently.

9 Manhattan became a lawless prison island in 1997 in Escape From New York

Poster for Escape From New York

Kurt Russell starred as the iconic Snake Plissken in the 1981s Escape from New York, a former special forces war hero of World War III who turned against his government and was jailed and forced to serve as an agent for his former commander.

The film is set in 1997 against a dystopian view of the United States where the crime rate has risen by over 400%, leading to the closure of the entire island of Manhattan and its transformation into a maximum security prison area. There are a few examples of futuristic tech like personal trackers and implanted explosives, though some of Plissken’s tech is a bit dated from the movie.

8 Death Race 2000 Presents a Dystopian World Controlled by Violent Entertainment

that of Roger Corman Death Race 2000 took place in a dystopian society that developed after global economic ruin led to a totalitarian regime in the United States that controlled the population through the entertainment created by the violent and bloody transcontinental road race.

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The race was filled with costumed drivers like the popular masked Frankenstein and tricked-out themed cars in a dark and bloody exploration of the company’s need for entertainment that was revived in 2008 with Death race which featured a similar dystopian society and race that took place just four years later in 2012.

7 2001: a space odyssey was ahead of the curve but still scientifically accurate

Stanley Kubrick’s visual masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey first released in theaters in the 1968s and traces the evolution of the space age from the dawn of man to our earliest explorations of the solar system, which included an ill-fated manned mission to Jupiter.

While 2001: A Space Odyssey imagined a scientifically accurate look at a future space travel company, it was years ahead of what we are currently capable of, which was further evidenced by the less revered later, 2010: The year we made contact.

6 Timecop introduced advanced cars and a time traveling police organization in 2004

Timecop JCVD

the years 1994 Timecop starring Jean-Claude Van Damme took place both in 1994 and a decade later in 2004, where technology seemed to be taking a huge leap forward in just a few areas of the industry, including time travel and automobiles.

An organization formed to control time travel after its invention, although this organization was the only place with a known time machine (which could be one of the worst time machines in science- fiction), and the streets are filled with bulky autonomous vehicles. which were out of place in the still 90s decor of 2004.

5 The elite of 2009 escaped death by robbing people of time to own them in freejack

Futuristic Cars and the Cast of Freejack

the years 1992 Freejack starred Emilio Estevez as a racing driver in 1991 who finds himself transported to the future of 2009 after being about to die in an accident, only to discover that his body was chosen by an elderly elite (played by Anthony Hopkins) as his new body in a dark twist on immortality.

Not only was time travel technology readily available to mercenaries in 2009, the streets were filled with futuristic elite vehicles, which preyed on humans of the past as drugs and pollution riddled the future. Freejack featured a somber and often ridiculous look to the future that was quite different from the real 2009.

4 I Am Legend featured a world ravaged by disease and monstrous Darkseekers in 2012

Will Smith performed in the 2007s I’m a legend as the only apparent survivor of a deadly virus that ravaged Earth, leaving him alone in an overgrown Manhattan in 2012, though the city is also populated by infected who have transformed into monstrous, semi-vampiric Darkseekers .

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While I’m a legend isn’t futuristic in the sense that it featured advanced society, it featured a few nods to a possible future that included billboards for a Batman / Superman movie in post-apocalyptic Times Square that teased a movie in development that never happened until 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

3 Back to the Future Part II traveled the flashy and advanced future world of 2015

Back to the Future II, Marty with the hoverboard

Robert Zemeckis directed the time travel hit Back to the future trilogy which explored the film “today of 1985 as well as the past of 1955 and 1885, although the 1980s Back to the future II took Marty McFly, his girlfriend Jennifer and his brilliant friend Doc Brown into the far future of 2015.

The reality in 2015 was quite different from that observed in Back to the future, which included dramatic holographic ads and futuristic clothing as well as flying cars with cold fusion engines and hoverboards, which we are still trying to perfect today.

2 Political prisoners were killed in a game show called The Running Man in 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger - THE RUNNING MAN

the years 1987 The running man took place in 2017 in a dystopian Los Angeles that has been devastated by civil unrest and largely blocked off to serve as a “stadium” for the titular game show that helps distract the masses from the fascist government. The game show helps the government get rid of convicts and troublesome political prisoners in partnership with a corrupt TV producer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s presence made it more of an action flick than a sci-fi exploration into the future, though it still painted a grim take on a possible police state that evoked the company’s continued interest. for gladiatorial games.

1 Artificial Replicants Worked And Waged Wars For Business In Blade Runner’s 2019

Future city of LA in Blade Runner

Ridley Scott’s beloved sci-fi hit Blade runner first released in 1982 and ushered in a future high tech cyberpunk world of 2019 that was ruled by powerful organizations like the Tyrell Corporation, which created artificial replicants as a labor force and soldiers who began to become thugs.

Harrison Ford played the role of Deckard and was known as a Blade Runner who hunted down rogue replicating agents in the beautiful city world which was both shiny and drab and filled with flying cars and “advanced” computer technology. 80 years.

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