10 Incredible Soundtracks Wasted On Bad Anime

Music in anime can be quite good. It can enhance a show and make it seem like the most exciting thing in the world. From openings and endings to battle music and incidental music, it can make or break a show. Sometimes, however, that is not enough.

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There are shows that have great soundtracks, but not much else going for them. This hot track can make a boring scene interesting or a weak battle feel almost cool, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. Some shows need all the nudges they can get, but no one can save a bad plot or badly written characters, not even the composer.

ten The protagonist of Fate/Stay Night is horrible

Fate's masters and servants stay the night

the Destiny The franchise is the baby of UFOTable. It features reincarnated historical figures to see who is the best of the best. The soundtrack is pretty good and makes the important moments even more important. Fate/Stay Night is a misstep, however.

This is the show where the infamous quote “people die when they’re killed” comes from. The character who said it, Shiro Emiya, is about as smart as you’d expect someone to utter that phrase. He bets way too much on being purely stubborn. Not to mention the cast of unlikable characters and plot developments that are mind-blowing.

9 Robin Witch Hunter Didn’t Live Up To His Potential

Robin Witch Hunter was a series about supernatural witch hunts, obviously. It featured a dark color scheme and a wonderful soundtrack. The soundtrack could not save the story from its problems.

The anime felt like it was going to get good, but never quite. There were plot elements that the show never really leaned on and that made the show feel like a waste of time. Robin Witch Hunter was full of characters that never got their fair shake and plot elements that were totally unnecessary by the end.

8 Demon Slayer has a bad main cast

Demon Slayer Volume 1 Tanjiro holding Nezuko cropped

demon slayer features music by Yuki Kajiura. She is known for doing many well-received scores for the anime, including the .To hack franchise. The soundtrack perfectly reflects the Taisho era and makes every battle a wonderful experience.

However, the characters of demon slayer are lacking. Tanjiro’s main flaw is being too perfect, Zenitsu is boring and a joke, and Inosuke’s lack of intelligence can be annoying to some viewers. The Hashira are the real stars, but they aren’t in the first season for very long. Despite its popularity, there’s plenty of room for improvement for this mainstream shonen action title.

7 Gundam SEED is a mediocre experience

The cast of Gundam SEED Destiny

the Gundam The franchise has had successes and failures throughout its illustrious 40+ year run. Some series have become iconic for the way they portray the horrors of war. They usually have good music too. Gundam Seed at least has the latter down.

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Despite his excellent score, PLANT has some major issues in the story and character departments. Many of the characters were unlikable or downright stupid. A Gundam to show that being more of a space opera is a good idea, but there have been missteps along the way.

6 Noir has good music but not much else

Black was the first in Koichi Mashimo’s “Girls With Guns” trilogy. The music, directed by Yuki Kajiura, was masterful. It made even the most boring scenes interesting. Black had a lot of scenes that needed that boost.

Following a French assassin and a Japanese schoolgirl who loses her memory, the two track down a mysterious organization while taking assassination gigs. Some episodes were heartfelt, but others left fans wondering why they even bothered to watch the show. The series featured some decent gunfights, but the plot still left viewers wanting more than long exposition scenes set to catchy music.

5 Haruhi Suzumiya can’t hold up

The SOS Brigade takes a photo in the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was a phenomenon in the late 2000s. Part of that was down to music. The soundtrack was downright awesome at times. The opening themes for both seasons were the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, the series hasn’t aged so well.

Haruhi herself is not a very good character. She constantly abuses those around her and doesn’t care what happens to anyone but herself. The rest of the main cast is downright boring too. Not to mention the baffling Season 2 phenomenon known as the “Endless Eight” that drained all goodwill from fans towards the show.

4 The W dimension had a dull plot

W-Dimension Logo

W dimension was a cyberpunk series with lots of rad bits. The protagonist even danced in the opening credits. The techno soundtrack was pretty cool too. The music may have been great, but the show just fell short.

The main character was a grumpy jerk and the female android lead was just there to look pretty and be a point of contention for the male lead, who relied on outdated technology. The series was exciting at first, but the quality plummeted almost instantly. The series garnered interest as one of the first Simuldubs to hit Toonami, but its popularity plummeted within weeks.

3 Gundam Wing chokes in fourth quarter

Preventers line up in Gundam Wing Endless Waltz

the Gundam franchise has had many gateways. The first one Gundam spectacle for many was Gundam Wing. It featured a morally gray cast and a cool soundtrack. The two openings of Two Mix have been considered classic anime opening songs.

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In hindsight, Gundam Wing started well, but got tangled up in the last remaining episodes. Relena Peacecraft’s decision to make all countries one nation was a geopolitical nightmare that would make any political scientist’s head spin. Along with Zechs trying to destroy everything for no reason, the show really ruined the opportunity to end on a high note.

2 Evangelion fell apart in a corner

Shinji and his fellow pilots in Neon Genesis Evangelion

The opening theme of Neon Genesis Evangelion is iconic. The rest of the soundtrack is not to be neglected either. The ending theme (barring legal shenanigans) is “Fly Me To The Moon”. Fans were distraught when it wasn’t included in the Netflix version.

It is well known that Neon Genesis Evangelion director Hideaki Anno faced depression during production. This derailed the anime’s plot. What was a story of saving the world from aliens has become a murky existential mess. The last two episodes are nothing but character deconstruction. It was a milestone in anime, and fiction in general, but in hindsight it seemed to hinder more than help the series. Fortunately, the Rebuild the films gave fans an enhanced story with a satisfying conclusion.

1 Sword Art Online falls short

Poster Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is another series with music by Yuki Kajiura. The opening and ending themes have always been catchy, and the rest of the soundtrack is also very good. Decisive Battles seem much more important thanks to Kajiura’s score.

ODS is a polarizing series. Some love it, while others hate anything beyond the first arc. The show leaves something to be desired and has some questionable storytelling devices. From being a power fantasy to questionable choices regarding its female cast, Sword Art Online just doesn’t live up to its soundtrack.

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