10 Most Confusing Horror Movies, According To Reddit

There’s definitely a fine line between a confusing movie that makes no sense and a well-told story that’s slow to reveal its secrets. When it comes to the horror genre, sometimes it’s a good thing when a movie doesn’t quite add up on first viewing. It often suggests a deeper meaning, a thought-provoking theme, and creative storytelling.

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Reddit users are sharing horror movies they’ve seen that made them think and wonder what the movie is really trying to say. These movies range from a popular franchise with different timelines to some movies that have sci-fi elements.

ten Mother! (2017)

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Mother!  Darren Aronovsky Jennifer Lawrence Javier Bardem

movies like Mother! are allegorical and the 2017 film can be very difficult to describe. It’s a fairly abstract movie that doesn’t have an easily explained story, making it one of the most confusing movies of the past decade.

Reddit user NoxiusScintilla mentioned a few horror movies, including Mother! and said, “Now I understand what the movies were about, but yeah, just after watching, I had no idea.”

9 The Halloween franchise (1978–present)

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Halloween 1978 young clown Michael Myers

Speaking of confusing horror movies, several Reddit users mentioned the delay in the Halloween franchise. Reddit user gf120581 said, “The ‘Halloween’ series now has more divergent timelines than ‘Avengers: Endgame.'”

After the 1978 film where Laurie Strode is tormented by Michael Myers, a direct sequel was released in 1981, but there are also films directed by Rob Zombie that follow a different timeline. There are various continuities within this franchise, such as Halloween III: Season of the Witch is a totally different story and timeline, with Halloween the film broadcast on television in a scene. Several other films are direct sequels to Halloween 2and now there is the new trilogy Halloween (2018), halloween killsand Halloween ends which are sequels to the first film.


8 The Lamentations (2016)

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The moaning Jong-Goo

When we talk about The Lamentations, Reddit user BruceShark88 said, “I must have read a bunch after that haha ​​(great movie too)!”

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In this film, an infection takes hold of people and turns them into killers, and police officers Jong-goo and Oh Seong-bok investigate when they encounter Moo-myeong who says a spirit is involved. Critics loved this film, and horror fans were intrigued by the premise as well.

7 Lost Highway (1997)

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Renée and Fred in Lost Highway

The best David Lynch movies are impressive because there’s always a compelling message and something to think about, but many would agree that these movies are often quite confusing.

These films are not easily explained or understood, and Reddit2coopers user agent says that lost highway was “the one I had to wrap my brain around the most, which is weird because it seems the most common.” The film tells the story of couple Fred and Renee, and after Fred receives videotapes showing him and his wife in their home, he is told he killed her.

6 Annihilation (2018)

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Natalie Portman in Annhilation

Mattaphorica, Reddit user says that Annihilation “got me confused” and they “read a few articles/posts to figure it out at the end”.

The main characters discover an area, The Shimmer, where aliens have affected animals and plants. Although the plot is interesting, there is certainly a lot going on in this movie and it would take a few viewings to make it less confusing.

5 Mandy (2018)

A cult figure in Mandy

When it comes to horror movies that take a while to figure out, a redditor felt like that mandy. The fan wrote that “a few thoughts and reading afterward helped me settle in.”

The film is about a couple, Red and Mandy, and how their lives are changed when Mandy encounters a cult named Children of the New Dawn.

4 The Empty Man (2020)

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There are twists in the film’s plot that are memorable and clever, and then there are twists and turns that feel weird and hard to understand.

Reddit user mgcat17 found The empty man difficult to understand, writing that the film “felt like a loosely put together patchwork of different ways the same movie could unfold”. When friends go on a hike, one of them, Paul, is picked up by a spirit, and there’s also a character named The Empty Man that James begins to see.

3 The Big Bad (2011)

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The Big Bad movie poster

In the horror movie The big bad, a woman is going through a tough time since a monster hurt her family and she wants to get over it. It is definitely a film that is rarely talked about. Frankie finds the werewolf she was looking for, and viewers might find much of the story confusing.

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Reddit user p_a_schal said it can be difficult to put the pieces of this film together. The fan wrote, “For the first 27 minutes you have absolutely no idea what’s going on, and for the rest you have almost no idea what’s going on.”

2 Infinity (2018)

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Justin and Aaron in The Endless

infinity is both an interesting film about the brothers and also a super confusing sci-fi horror story.

An editor in chief like infinity and said of the film, “I need to watch it a few more times to really understand what I even watched.” The film tells the story of Aaron and Justin who are brothers and each think differently about something they belonged to when they were younger. Aaron thinks the band was great but Justin thinks it was a UFO cult. When they return to Camp Arcadia, there is something supernatural there.

1 The One I Love (2014)

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The movie The One I Love

The one I love could be considered a thriller or a horror movie, and Reddit user MissyPie says it’s “very light on the horror, but very confusing and extremely interesting.” Reddit12 User Antigravity agreed it was “heavy on confusion” and called it “psychological science fiction”.

In The one I love, Sophie and Ethan have relationship problems, and when they live together in a house, they see their doppelgangers. It’s the kind of movie that has an ending that can go both ways and it might take a few viewings to fully understand the whole story.

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