10 Must-See Movies From The 90s That Still Hold Up

Ever since I’ve been thinking about ’90s cinema, it’s become clear that a lot of movies from that decade don’t quite fit modern sensibilities. What was funny then might be dated or even offensive now, which is why many ’90s movies are considered among the most cheesy, offensive, or vulgar.

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However, several films from the 90s have stood the test of time and are still fan favorites to this day. Whether it’s a bloody slasher, a romantic comedy or a sci-fi adventure, what makes a film good is not its initial impact on its audience, but rather its legacy in the years that followed.

ten The First Wives Club made Bette Midler a new kind of celebrity

A 1996 female-directed buddy comedy, The First Women’s Club follows three old college friends as they reunite after the death of their friend. When they learn that a case of infidelity is behind the death of their friend, they swear revenge on their own ungrateful husbands.

The First Women’s Club thrust Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton back into the spotlight and introduced them to a generation that might otherwise never have known the full extent of their talents. The film also gave the world the iconic “You Don’t Own Me” scene, which is still doing the rounds on TikTok and Twitter to this day.

9 Science fiction is colorful, wacky and cult classic

The science fiction adventure of Luc Besson, The fifth Elementdivided fans and critics upon its theatrical release in 1997. While some appreciated the film for its wacky sense of humor and highly stylized setting, others saw it as a poor attempt to create a goofy sci-fi comedy..

Despite his early criticism, The fifth Element has since become a cult classic, thanks to its vibrant and eccentric costumes, namely Mila Jovovich’s recognizable orange suspenders and Chris Tucker’s outrageous leopard print bodysuit. The fifth Element is a far cry from the dark and dusty dystopian sci-fi films that were popular at the time and thus inspired a generation of colorful sci-fi cinema.

8 Set It Off is more than a heist drama

Queen Latifah, Vivica Fox, Jada Pinkett Smith and Kimberly Elise reunited in 1996 to direct the heist thriller Disable it, and fans couldn’t have been happier. Critics have long praised the film for its complex characters and fresh take on the crime genre.

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Disable it removes the rugged white male cast typical of heist movies and tells the story of four black women abused by the system they were born into. As a result, leading women are taking their lives into their own hands. Disable it does not excuse the crimes committed in the film, but rather aims to highlight the struggles of black women and the importance of meaningful representation in the media.

Although the paranormal activity franchise popularized the found footage horror genre, it was The Blair Witch Project which first brought the genre into the mainstream in 1997, much to the surprise of theatergoers everywhere. Little was said about the film leading up to its premiere, which was a plan devised by its creators to further immerse its audience in horror. Fans were rightly spooked by the possibly real events of the film.

Since its initial publication, theories that The Blair Witch Project told a true story have since been debunked. Nonetheless, his legacy lives on in the countless found footage films that have been released in the years since.

6 The main character of Pretty Woman knows her worth

Today, much of the language and feelings present in A pretty woman are considered problematic, but so far this movie is way ahead of its peers. A pretty woman tells the story of a Hollywood sex worker, played by Julia Roberts, as she grows closer to a wealthy businessman and then discovers the best sides of living in Los Angeles.

Despite its less than politically correct premise, A pretty woman tells the touching story of a woman who knows her worth with and without her fancy clothes and high social status. Roberts’ willful Vivian Ward and her adventures in Hollywood have since become iconic, though modern movies can handle Pretty Woman best themes and depiction of sex work.

5 Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are the perfect pair of sisters in practical magic

1998 practical magic follows sisters Sally and Gillian Owens as they reconnect with their magical roots and save Gillian from her abusive ex-boyfriend. In addition to Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, the film stars Hollywood legends Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest as the young witches’ eccentric aunts.

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In his heart, practical magic is the story of two sisters who grow closer as they discover their true potential, both as women and as witches. It’s a heartwarming tale that teaches the importance of family and community, a lesson everyone can appreciate. It’s no wonder that practical magic is a fan favorite and must-have to this day.

4 Se7en reformed the crime genre

Everyone remembers Se7en ending scene and their subsequent disgust upon learning what was in the box. Although the contents of the box are disturbing, the scene and the film’s legacy have survived for years after Se7en released in 1995.

Starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as homicide detectives investigating a series of mysterious murders, Se7fr tells a creative and stylized story inspired by the seven deadly sins. Despite being released in the 20th century, David Fincher’s crime thriller packs some of the best cinematography of its decade, rivaling some of today’s big-budget films. Therefore, Se7fr is a must watch.

3 Clueless introduced the world to Brittany Murphy and a plaid two-piece

clueless follows the 90s trend of telling classic stories in a modern light, especially in films such as 10 things i hate about you and She is all of that. However, clueless tells an updated version of Jane Austen Emma unlike a Shakespearean play.

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This teen comedy follows the fabulous Cher Horowitz as she navigates the many challenges of young adulthood like driver’s education and high school popularity. In addition to inspiring the wardrobe of an entire generation, clueless skyrocketed budding stars Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd to mega-fame and introduced audiences to the talented Brittany Murphy.

2 Malcolm X is still important and necessary

Spike Lee’s 1992 biopic Malcolm X, starring Denzel Washington in the lead role, is a dramatic account of the activist’s life and his contributions to black liberation in the 1950s and 1960s. Malcolm X received high praise from critics upon its theatrical release for its honest and inspiring account of the late Minister’s uplifting and inspiring life.

Given the current political climate in the United States, it is more important than ever to remember the life and teachings of Malcolm X. The biopic may still hold up to serve as a constant reminder of heroism and resilience. of Malcolm X facing the systemic crisis. racism.

1 The craft taught the audience about perfect love and perfect trust

The Supernatural Horror of 1996 The job is a staple of 90s cinema for a multitude of reasons. It tells a gripping story of thriving teenage girls, it helped popularize modern spirituality and paganism, and features a powerhouse cast including Rachel True, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk and screams Neve Campbell.

A very stylized film, The job is the epitome of the 90s Catholic-inspired Gothic subculture and style, especially given its Catholic school setting. Although he was not greeted with much praise at first, The job has become a staple among magic movie lovers. The 1996 film is highly rated among films like practical magic and The Eastwick Witches as a genre-defining cult classic.

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