10 Things That Make Dread The Best Metroid Game

by Nintendo metroid helped redefine video games in the 1980s, and for over 35 years the series has continued to drive action-driven sci-fi gaming forward. Famous bounty hunter Samus Aran has made incredible journeys and eliminated fearsome threats. the metroid The franchise has seen stylistic makeovers that have propelled the games into the first-person shooter genre and beyond.

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Consistent quality across the metroid games have helped him stay one of the Nintendo’s flagship seriesbut the last title, Metroid Dread, exceeded fan expectations. Metroid Dread has been a die The best Nintendo Switch games of 2021but there are also strong arguments to demonstrate that it is the best metroid series game.

ten Its extravagant boss battles

Samus standing in front of Kraid in Metroid Dread.

Samus always has her work cut out for her bounty hunting adventures across the metroid series, but giant boss fights often represent the most dangerous encounters of his life. the bosses in metroid are usually huge compared to standard enemies, and they usually confine Samus to a small space. The scale of boss fights in Metroid Dread is unlike anything that has been experienced before and they set a new precedent for the future of metroid boss fights. Corpius, Escue, Golzuna, and fan-favorite Kraid are all superlative threats that make Samus feel like she’s in more danger than ever.

9 Its incorporation of stealth elements

Video games Metroid Dread Phantom Cloak EMMI Evasion

Samus generally appears to be very in control of her surroundings, even when pursued by a predatory force. His quick instincts and powerful abilities are usually enough for him to assert his dominance. Corn Metroid Dread forces him to take a more cautious approach to exploration. EMMI Terminator-esque threats are so adept that Samus can only avoid them by various stealth techniques, whether it’s hiding behind objects, making less noise while traveling, or even making use of the cloaking abilities of his new Ghost Cloak. This extra component to the action adds more depth to the metroid experience.

8 The Way It Advances Chozo Lore and Metroid’s Biggest Story

Metroid Dread Crow Beak.

Some of Nintendo’s most popular franchises are heralded for their tight gameplay and intuitive controls rather than a gripping narrative full of dramatic twists. the metroid The series has always presented itself as a brooding and sterile space opera. But there’s such a rich story surrounding Samus Aran’s unconventional upbringing and evolution into one of the best bounty hunters in the universe.

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The Chozo alien race has been essential for by Metroid traditions from the original game, but Metroid Dread finally advances those lingering story details in a major way. Metroid Dread Raven Beak is a revered Chozo warrior antagonist who actually seems like a fair match for Samus.

seven Its intuitive and strict controls

Samus progresses through a level while getting shot

All metroid the game has so much for the audience to grasp, but awesome graphics, challenging boss fights, and an engaging story all become moot if the title is a chore to play. There’s a lot of complexity in Samus’ abilities and how they can fit into exploration, but Metroid Dread streamlines this experience. Metroid Dread learns and adapts from previous decisions metroid titles, like the incorporation of Samus’ free-aim and melee attacks, which have risen to prominence in Metroid: Other M and The return of Samus. Metroid Dread delivers the smoothest version of these helpful insights and Samus has never felt more in control of her surroundings.

6 The recurring EMMI threat

Video games Metroid Dread Yellow EMMI kills Samus

More metroid games based on ideas that were present in previous titles, but a whole new concept that is an integral part of Metroid Dread is the introduction of exterminators of predatory robots, the EMMI An acronym for Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers, EMMIs are among the world’s most vicious and determined enemies. Metroid Dread. Not only is EMMI a perpetual nuisance to Samus, there are seven unique varieties of these exterminators, each with their own quirks and benefits. This will hopefully be a concept that will continue to grow in the future. metroid securities.

5 The new abilities that complete Samus’ arsenal

Video Games Metroid Dread Pulse Radar Use

One of the most exciting aspects of it all metroid the game is the abundance of abilities, powers and upgrades that Samus discovers during her mission. There are many useful maneuvers that have become trademark techniques for Samus Aran and Metroid Dread the reward with exciting new skills.

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Metroid Dread has new abilities that improve upon past concepts, such as Samus’ grapple beam, spider magnet, and pulse radar. Additionally, his incredibly powerful Omega Blaster becomes a vital tool against EMMIs, while the Phantom Cloak trains him to hone his evasion and stealth abilities as much as his offensive and defensive skills.

4 Map improvement, level design and planet exploration

Metroid Dread Cataris Energy Part 2 map location.

Space is a vast and mysterious place, which the metroid series never fails to illustrate in the maze level designs that Samus needs to navigate. The complex and obtuse planets of metroid helped the series cement its reputation as “Metroidvania” as games that reward backtracking and intense exploration. It’s not always easy, but Metroid Dread offers valuable quality of life features that don’t break the series’ brand exploration. The cards in Metroid Dread allow the player to zoom in, label doors, and apply other markers to simplify Samus’ journey through planet ZDR.

3 The dark places he pushes Samus

Metroid Dread Raven Beak X and a fully Metroid-powered Samus Aran.

the metroid the series has always been one of Nintendo’s Darkest Properties tonally and aesthetically, but the narrative has also always been on the dark side. the Metroid Prime The trilogy teases the idea of ​​Samus’ corruption and what could happen if she becomes a threat to the Galactic Federation. Metroid Dread begins with Samus in a very dark situation as the Metroid DNA inside of her becomes more volatile and she has more skilled assassins hot on her trail than ever before. Samus never gets the chance to escape from the darkness in Metroid Dread.

2 It proves that 2D sidescrollers can still be effective and deep

Video Games Metroid Dread Spider Magnet Climbing Wall

metroid is a series that debuted as a 2D sidecroller on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and it has largely adopted that structure through the bulk of its games. The technological evolution of the video game industry has continued to push metroid in 3D environments, whether in the first-person shooter setup of Metroid Prime, or the freedom that is provided in Metroid: Other Mr. Some view modern 2D sidescrollers as archaic, but the level of depth provided in Metroid Dread, the first truly 2D metroid game since gameboy advance Metroid Fusion, is proof that there is still so much life in 2D sidescrollers when done right.

1 What this prepares for the future of the franchise

Video Games Metroid Dread Omega Cannon Acquire

A new metroid the title is always cause for celebration and it’s exciting to predict what’s next for Samus Aran. Metroid Dread The finale is full of huge reveals for the franchise. Samus briefly uses the fully awake Metroid powers before Quiet Robe’s X Parasite is absorbed into her and they are neutralized again. A sequel will likely continue to explore this dichotomy now that Samus has experienced these powers, not to mention the potential for a Raven Beak successor, new and improved EMMI models, and a quirky alien parasite to come to the fore now that X seems to be in by Metroid pass.

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