10 Things You Forgot Since The First Episode Of Rick & Morty

adult swimming rick and morty became one of the most popular and unpredictable anime series of the decade. Considerable progress has been made with regard to adult animated series and there has never been so much freedom in the medium. That being said, rick and morty tries to hold itself to a higher level with its many parodies and subversive experiments.

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rick and morty has five seasons under its belt with many more on the way. The series’ the heights have become so grand that it is easy to forget the origins of the series. The first episode of rick and morty lays out a confident plan for what’s to come, but there are also some unusual details that stand out more now.

ten Rick’s voice sounds different

TV Rick and Morty Episode 1 Rick Morty Dispute

The germ of rick and morty is originally from Justin Roiland’s popular animated shorts, The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. rick and morty indeed adds to this prototype, but in the first episode of the series, there are still growing pains as Roiland tries to figure out the good quality for Rick’s signature sound. Roiland’s vocal performance as Rick in the first episode isn’t dramatically different from what follows, but it does create some dissonance. rick and morty is so fully formed in its first installment, so it’s worth looking at the few things that have been revised.

9 It all started in a different dimension

Rick and Morty Episode 1 Rick Morty Runs Away

So much has happened during At Rick and Morty five chaotic seasons that it’s sometimes easy to forget Rick and Morty’s original home dimension is now a fester cronenberg monstrosities warzone. At Rick and Morty pilot, as well as the next handful of episodes that follow, take place in what is originally misidentified as Dimension C-137. The events of the series’ sixth episode, “Rick Potion #9”, cause Rick and Morty to abandon this dimension in favor of one that is more stable and nearly identical to their old home.

8 This is the only episode directed by Justin Roiland

TV Rick and Morty Episode 1 Rick in Bed

rick and morty East the genius idea of ​​the madmen by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, whose eccentric sensibilities established comedy’s eerie, fearless and unpredictable voice. At Rick and Morty The first episode is scripted by Roiland and Harmon, who also wrote some of the show’s most popular episodes.

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However, Roiland’s only directing credit on rick and morty is in the first episode. This makes sense for the series pilot since Roiland is the one who best understands these characters and their universe. Roiland’s direction in this first episode is effective, but it’s a bit surprising that he didn’t direct any later episodes.

7 It is revealed that Rick is an atheist

Rick and Morty Episode 1 Rick Summer Morty

Rick Sanchez is one of At Rick and Morty best-developed characters and he often operates unfiltered and unafraid to air his radical views. Rick has seen and experienced so much that it’s no surprise that his faith in a greater power is debatable. Rick performs such extreme operations that it’s fair to say that many planets view him as a God-like entity. It’s possible that the events of the series will toughen up Rick in this capacity, but in the first episode, he bluntly tells Summer that there is no God. Rick’s atheism is prominent from the start.

6 This is the only episode that doesn’t have a post-credits tag.

TV Rick and Morty Episode 1 Ending Garage

Each episode of rick and morty packs in an overwhelming number of gags. Often the weirdest and strongest jokes on the show are reserved for the tags that follow the end credits. These are great opportunities to follow up on quirky ideas that the episode’s main story quickly passes by. The audience came expect great things from these post-credits footagebut it’s actually something that started in the second episode of the series. At Rick and Morty The first comes out on the dark proclamation between Rick and Morty that happens in the garage.

5 There’s a cameo of a character from Niche Aqua Teen Hunger Force

TV Rick and Morty Episode 1 Interdimensional Customs

rick and morty shamelessly blends its world with other sci-fi classics, whether it’s the Xenomorphs of Extraterrestrial or Stephen King’s Langoliers. At Rick and Morty The first episode features a scene where Rick and Morty are stuck at Interdimensional Customs, which functions as an opportunity for several subtle crossovers to occur.

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Characters of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Mystery Science Theater 3000and even sesame street make appearances. However, there is also a glimpse of a Moonite, the alien race from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. At Rick and Morty the first episode has crossover with one of Adult Swim’s legacy series.

4 Beth’s career as a horse surgeon is featured

TV Rick and Morty Beth Jerry Horse Surgeon

Beth and Jerry have gone through a lot of hardships over the various seasons of Rick and Morty. The comedy finds humor in their lopsided relationship, but it also explores their issues in a very realistic way. A recurring argument that Beth and Jerry engage in is Jerry’s disappointment with Beth’s career as a horse surgeon, as opposed to someone who operates on humans. Beth’s unique profession is discussed from the show’s first episode, and it’s also clear that it’s a topic that has already caused a rift in their marriage.

3 It features the Gromflomites

TV Rick and Morty Episode 1 Gromflomite

rick and morty introduced hundreds of diverse exotic species, some of which only appear for a few seconds on the screen. The endless possibilities that At Rick and Morty many worlds consider to be one of the most entertaining aspects of the anime series. Several prominent aliens have appeared throughout the series, and insectoid Gromflomites are particularly popular. The Gromflomites get a proper showcase thanks to the eccentric assassin, Krombopulos Michael, but these aliens feature in the first episode as well. Several Gromflomites become Rick’s victims in the pilot episode.

2 Rick breaks his time travel rule

TV Rick and Morty Episode 1 Morty Broken Legs

rick and morty happily indulges in so many sci-fi tropes that it’s always fun to apply a critical eye to certain stereotypes. Rick and Morty is partly inspired by Back to the future Doc and Marty, but Rick is oddly against time travel and I feel like it’s a hacky way to solve problems. Rick turns to more elaborate sci-fi concepts rather frequently. However, Rick’s hatred of time travel is much more ambivalent in the first episode. The potion Rick provides Morty to fix his legs is revealed to be from a future dimension, in which Rick has spent an extended period of time.

1 Rick says Morty’s name over 100 times

rick and morty is a brilliant series that approaches storytelling and structure with an incredible amount of reverence. However, there are still some quirks that are more juvenile in nature and lean into the low-hanging fruits of the series. One of those areas that rubs some viewers the wrong way is Rick’s over-the-top speech patterns and maniacal compulsion to lean on Morty. It fades to some degree, but the first episode takes a lot of interest in the unhealthy co-dependency that exists between them. Audiences know that Rick yells Morty’s name a lot in the first episode, but they might not know that he says it 108 times.

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