10 worst anime moms, ranked


In most anime, mothers are known to be sweet, kind, and incredibly inspiring. Just like Kyoko Honda in Basket of fruits, Sachiko Fujinuma from Erased, or Inko Midoriya from My hero university. These mothers are the pinnacle of what a mother is meant to be as they help shape their children to be the amazing protagonists we love and adore.

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Then there are the mothers who have abandoned, abused and abused their children so much that it’s surprising they are doing quite well. These are some of the moms in anime who are truly the worst.

ten Isabella sacrificed her orphaned children to survive (The Promised Neverland)

Smiling Isabella in Promised Neverland anime

Given the title of “Mother”, Isabella cares for several children in an orphanage and is loved by all. But she and the orphanage have a dark secret. The orphanage is located in the demonic half of the world and the children are raised as food.

In order for Isabella to live there safely, she actually had to become a mother and be an accomplice in raising the children as demon feed, which she happily did. She raises these children by pretending to love them, knowing that they will be killed soon enough for her to live.

9 Ren Sohma never loved the girl who stole her husband’s love (fruit basket)

Ren Sohma Fruit Basket

From the start, Ren was never right. She manipulated her way to become the wife of the Sohma clan, and when she found out that she was pregnant, she was afraid that her husband would love their child more than she did, which ended up happening. It makes Ren think that Akito is stealing her husband’s love and he doesn’t love her anymore.

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She then forces Akito to dress and act like a boy in the hopes of avoiding this, but he doesn’t. Then, when her husband dies, she blames Akito and continues to physically and verbally abuse her.

8 Marianne Vi Britannia manipulated her children like pieces on a chessboard (Code Geass)

Marianne Vi Britannia

Like her husband, Marianne Vi Britannia is a sadistic and manipulative woman. For her, her children are only pawns to be used for her and her husband, the king. But the outside world doesn’t see him because of his two-faced nature.

To everyone else, she is a loving and caring mother, but her family and viewers know it best. She even accepts and believes in the abuse and torture of her children by her husband. In the end, it turns out that she never loved her children and used them for her own evil machinations.

7 Saika Gasai locked her daughter in a cage like a dog (Future Diary)

Diary of the future of Saika and Ushio Gasai

In order to have the perfect girl, or what she believes to be perfection, Saika Gasai from Newspaper of the future does incredibly horrible things to Yuno.

Saika liked to lock Yuno in a cage, barely feed her, and treat Yuno like she was an animal to make her dreams come true. Due to her husband’s absence due to his busy work schedule, Saika would eliminate her frustration and loneliness on Yuno by being strict and calling her a bad girl. This ultimately leads to Yuno’s descent into madness.

6 Medusa Gorgon used her son as an assassin and a human shield (Soul Eater)

As a cold and calculating scientist, it’s no wonder that Medusa Gorgon treats the people around her like lab rats for her science experiments. She even experimented with her own son, Crona, injecting him with her own concoctions, turning him into a sociopathic killing machine.

When she needs to kill someone, she sends them to do the job, and if she needs protection, she uses it as a shield. And then when she sees it as a failure, she abandons it. It’s no wonder Crona turned the way he did.

5 Akemi Hinazuki physically and emotionally abused her (erased) daughter

After a series of unfortunate events and the divorce from her abusive husband, Akemi Hinazuki becomes Kayo Hinazuki’s worst possible mother. Akemi expresses her frustrations on Kayo and mistreats her both physically and mentally.

She beats her daughter, barely feeds her, and when she is incredibly angry with Kayo, she locks her in their shed. Not only that, but Akemi limits Kayo’s social contact. This leads Kayo to stay in a park until dark to avoid her family life, where she is ultimately hunted down, kidnapped, and killed.

4 Charlotte LinLin pitted her children against each other (One Piece)

Even from a young age, Charlotte LinLin was not a good person, and it took her to adulthood. She became the leader of the Big Mom crew and gave birth to a horde of children that she dislikes and uses for her own benefit.

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For some, she married them without their consent in order to expand her empire. Others that she beats so badly that they will never get over it. She encourages violence between her children, which leads some of them to be marked for life.

3 Irene Belserion wanted to use her unborn child as her second body (fairy tale)

At first, Irene Belserion was not a bad person. But after creating and mastering the magic of Dragon Slayer, she became an incredibly twisted version of herself. So much so that even her husband called her a monster.

After being captured, tortured and subjected to other horrific affairs, she is found by Zeref who transforms her into a human being, still pregnant. But instead of seeing her unborn child as her daughter, she plans to use it to house her soul. In her mind, she is literally developing a new body. When she is unable to put her soul in this body, she abandons her child, who ends up a slave.

2 Cordelia Sakamaki abused her triplets in the most horrible and disgusting way (Diabolik Lovers)

Cordelia Sakamaki

Cordelia Sakamaki from Devilish lovers is another horrible mom to her three kids, but that’s no surprise considering she’s the demon lord’s daughter and didn’t want kids in the first place. She forces Kanato to sing for her until her vocal cords are bleeding.

In her opinion, Ayato is never good enough and she continually beats him. He does everything he can to impress her, but it’s never enough. The worst part is that her method of getting her husband’s attention is to sexually abuse her other son, Liato. She enjoys torturing her triplets both mentally and physically.

1 Ragyo Kiryuin abandoned one of his children and did unspeakable deeds with the other (Kill La Kill)

Taking first place as Worst Anime Mother is Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill the kill and for good reason. She abandons one of her children and her husband. She then creates an artificial human to kill him, treating this creation more like family than her own children. She also has no problem beating her own children to death, plunging her hand into their chests to rip out their hearts, or locking them in cages.

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