10 worst friends in movies, ranked


Backstabbing, betrayals and outright lies, Hollywood has traditionally used the most expensive deceiver as a storytelling device, and as bad friends turn roles and twist the plot, audiences can find themselves in deep anger. for those characters who really should never have trusted in the first place.

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Good friends are hard to find, and even more so in the world of movie magic. Some friends are not supportive while others go further and willingly support the downfall of their familiars. Don Corleone said to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but when it comes to those confidant accomplices, they were the latter from the start.

ten Janis and Damien are the most manipulative (Mean Girls)

mean-girls-janis damien and lindsay lohan as cady

Most point the finger at Plastics when they take a look at bad friends in the 2004s Bad girls, yet Regina George and co. are much more outspoken with their intimidation and snobbery than false friends Janis and Damien.

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Using the new Cady girl for their own personal gain, then becoming infinitely jealous as Lindsay Lohan’s character gains popularity, Janis and Damien are just as insecure and unsympathetic as the beautiful bullies, but they do it in a much more manipulative way.

9 When it comes to high school buddies, Stiffler is just the worst (American Pie)

Seann William Scott in stiffer in the American pie

The reason Seann William Scott prankster is so memorable among viewers is that most people have known a friend like this at some point in their lives. Stiffler thrives on the attention and laughs he gets, and he’s definitely not against using others to get them.

From humiliating his friend with literal toilet humor to persuading him to allow him a perverted peephole in the form of a secret webcam, american pie Stiffler harbors a fair amount of horror with his hilarity and as fun as it may be to watch, few would want to be the target of this man’s brash bonding mark.

8 Ferris Bueller doesn’t really care how your day is (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Narcissism is a common trait among unwanted acquaintances, but few embody this characteristic quite like Ferris Bueller. The guy wants a day off but isn’t ready to take it on his own and his reckless behavior shows that he has almost no respect for his friends or their education. Ferris cares about himself and everything else is a second thought.

Matthew Broderick’s slacker might be adored by moviegoers, but as far as his best friend goes, he’s a teenager high school kids would do well to avoid.

7 Angela’s Friends Mean Little to Her (American Beauty)

Mena Suvari in American Beauty

From using her best friend to boost self-confidence to seducing said best friend’s own father, Mena Suvari’s Angela is far from an ideal friend, even in the chaotic times of high school life. american beauty is full of seemingly unethical characters who repeatedly hurt the ones they love, but this cheerleader seems to care so little about others that it’s her most defining character trait.

She might have feared being ordinary, but with her frequent mistreatment of Jane de Thora Birch, Angela Hayes is unlikely to be remembered as much as a perverted, narcissistic teenager.

6 Henry Hill is not really a Goodfella to his friends (Goodfellas)

When discussing the worst friends of the cinema, the subject is always likely to degenerate by hurting feelings until causing death and destruction. Henry Hill is a gangster, and with a job title so closely tied to murder, it’s no surprise that Hill’s snitch ends up destroying the lives of so many around him.

Ray Liotta’s mafia man knew the code, he learned it from a young age, and it is this fact that makes his betrayal all the more frustrating. His downfall was of course well deserved and in a world like Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, this type of behavior is certainly to be expected.

5 Robert The Bruce betrayed a friend and an entire nation (Braveheart)

braveheart-angus-macfadyen-like robert le bruce

Hollywood likes to take liberties with the truth when it comes to movies based on real life, and sometimes you need to do that to create a really beautiful picture. A truly superb image Brave Heart maybe, but its story is about as authentic as Mel Gibson’s Scottish accent.

The Epic of War features a bit of backstabbing by none other than Robert the Bruce. He was a man William Wallace learned to trust and regard as a friend, and this betrayal directly led to Wallace’s downfall and brutal death.

4 Nicky Santoro doesn’t consider her friend’s wedding to be sacred (Casino)

casino-joe pesci and robert de niro

Sleeping with a friend’s wife and plotting to murder her are not tolerated in the mafia world, and Joe Pesci’s Nicky Santoro discovered it the hard way in Martin Scorsese’s epic. Casino (1995).

Joe Pesci is no stranger to playing hateful characters, Goodfellas To Alone at home, the Oscar-winning star knows how to play hate, but few of her characters have a penchant for backstabbing like Nicky does.

3 Carl is a bastard who deserves all he gets (ghost)

Tony Goldwyn as Carl in Ghost

Carl’s intention might not have been to have poor Patrick Swayze’s Sam Wheat killed, but the shady con artist is certainly delighted that his former pal is no longer in the land of the living. Tony Goldwyn’s character immediately puts the strain on his best friend’s widow, and if not for good old Oda Mae Brown, played to perfection by the iconic Whoopi Goldberg, Carl Bruner might well have gotten away with it.

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Ghost remains one of the greatest love stories of the ’90s, and as atrocious as Carl’s deceptive acts are, without them Unchained Melody still wouldn’t conjure up pottery imagery to so many moviegoers around the world.

2 Robert Ford lives up to his nickname (The Jesse James Assassination)

Casey Affleck’s cowboy has his personality spelled out quite clearly in the film’s title, The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford It might be a mouthful, but it sums up the final moments in the life of the legendary outlaw perfectly.

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James apparently wanted to cement his legacy by dying with his boots on, but a bullet from a man you recently befriended is always going to hurt a bit more, especially when that man would never be able to fill those boots than you leave behind. Brad Pitt’s stellar performance made this sarcastic shoot even more hurtful to watch. An act of such cowardice that no one would ever have anticipated from a friend whom he considers a friend.

1 When it comes to buddies stabbed in the back, Calrissian is king (Star Wars)

Perhaps the most iconic backstabber in cinema, to the point where brandishing a person “Lando” is a label that establishes them as one, the soft-spoken smuggler has perhaps gained some sympathy with the clear regret of his actions by betraying his friend Han Solo, yet Lando Calrissian is proof that there really is no honor among thieves.

Lando’s double cross in The Empire Strikes Back has rarely, if ever, been surpassed in the years since the second installment of George Lucas ‘Eternal Space Opera, and when it comes to bad friends in the movies, Billy Dee Williams’ intergalactic player remains the gold standard.

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