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Looking for late summer beach reads? Why not give some local authors some love? Here are 13 works by local authors, ranging from literary fiction to thought-provoking non-fiction, as well as children’s and teen books and poetry.

“Christine’s Turn”

By Merle Bon


Posted March 29.

Good, publisher of Walnut Street Books, is also an author, essayist and playwright with bylines appearing in The New York Times, The Washington Post and elsewhere. Her debut novel, “Happy as the Grass was Green,” was adapted into a film called “Hazel’s People” starring Oscar-winning actress Geraldine Page. Her latest novel, “Christine’s Turn,” is a coming-of-age love story of Christine, a high school senior, on a journey of self-discovery in rural Pennsylvania.

“A face in the water”

By Kathleen Pennell.


Posted April 13.

Nothing like a juicy mystery to add thrills to your vacation. “A Face in the Water”, the 13th book by this Lancaster novelist – and the first in her new A Treadwell Mystery series – fits the bill. Cynthia Treadwell, a 70-year-old amateur photographer, discovers a dead man in the water, but then suffers a concussion in a car accident, giving murder suspects enough time to hide the body and conceal any evidence of a murder. The plot thickens from there.


By Del Stacker.


Posted March 17.

Lancaster author Staecker’s unconventional, multi-layered novel meditates on the aftermath of a horrific incident involving a gang of bullies, a mentally ill child, and an alcoholic reporter. The thought-provoking and imaginative novel tackles big themes such as abuse, family, religion, corruption, fantasy and more.

“Stranded in the Snowshoe”

By J. Arthur Moore.


Posted June 1.

“Stranded in Snow Shoe” is the fourth book by this Narvon-based author in his Virginia and Truckee Railroad of West Virginia historical fiction series that spans from 1879 to 1883. The plot revolves around Scot Robinson, who arrives at Snow Shoe looking for his uncle who is supposed to take care of him until he can join his father out west. But Robinson does not realize that his uncle is a train robber.

“The Professor’s Lady”

By Holly Bush.


Posted January 25.

In 1870, the beautiful and ambitious Kirsty Thompson plans to import wool and Scottish thread to resell them in Philadelphia but does not expect to meet a tall, shy and discreet teacher who saves her from danger. Bush weaves together an exciting love story with “The Professor’s Lady” – the third book in Bush’s The Thompsons of Locust Street series.

“A Journey Through Time: Volume 1: The Journey Begins”

By CJ Hannum

Young, fantastic novel.

Posted May 8.

Hannum is a Peach Bottom-based author and machine operator who grew up on a dairy farm and has been writing since she was a child. In “A Journey Through Time”, Hannum’s main character, Cora, is a woman in a clan full of men, but she refuses to marry the king or his heir. She is banished to the dark forest where she finds an unexpected friend.

“Lost Among the Stars”

By Vicky Burkholder.

Novel, science fiction.

Posted April 6.

Burkholder, a Lititz-based science fiction writer, takes off with thriller and otherworldly romance aboard the Phoenix – a spacecraft on a humanitarian mission to planet Xy-Three. Amanda Ki – a smart and attractive woman trained in the martial arts – teams up with the ship’s captain Declan Chalmers to take on saboteurs, kidnappers and assassins. “Lost Among the Stars” has everything sci-fi fans love in a good space opera, but its themes will resonate with any reader.

“The Backup Superhero”

By Kayla Hicks.


Posted March 5, 2021.

Ephrata-based author Kayla Hicks asks the question: If you had the chance to become a superhero, would you take it? Even if you did all the work and got no credit? “The Backup Superhero” is the first book in a series of superhero novels.

Michael Buckius Mustache on the cover of Plain Sight

“Mustache for All to See”

By Michael Buckius.


Posted March 8.

Buckius, a Lancaster native currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, creates a collection of poetry that manages to tackle big themes like childhood, family, trauma, addiction as well as the mundane minutiae of our daily routines with a entertaining comic and absurd orientation.

“Playing Through Pain: Ken Caminiti and the Steroid Confession That Changed Baseball Forever”

By Dan Bon.


Posted May 31.

Lancaster native and Manheim Township graduate Dan Good focuses on late baseball star Ken Caminiti, who died in 2004, and his 2002 admission of steroid use and its impact on Major League Baseball. Good interviewed more than 400 people to put together this compassionate account of baseball, addiction, and the infamous “steroid era” of the national pastime. Learn more in an interview with Good here.

Lancaster-born author Dan Good talks about his new book about former pro baseball MVP Ken Caminiti [Q&A]

“The N-Word in Music: An American History”

By Todd Meally.


Posted May 3.

Penn Manor High School social studies teacher Todd Mealy explores how minstrel shows and blackface began the normalization of insult in N. Mealy traces the history of the “exploding atomic bomb of cult words” and how the music industry channeled linguistic and cultural movements to change the meaning and spelling of the word.

Cover of Ashley Sollenberger The Oddball

“The Odball”

By Ashley Sollenberger and illustrated by Amber Kane.

children’s book

Published in May 2022.

This is the second book from this brother-and-sister team of authors and illustrators. The whimsical writing and illustration tells the story of basketballs, beach balls, baseballs, and other round balls coming together to play and help a football of a different shape join us.

“Save Mr. Toad”

By Dannel Wissler.

Children’s book.

Published in September 2021.

Wissler, a counseling teacher and owner of Willow Oaks Counseling in Lancaster, has crafted a fun, rhyming children’s book following a conflicted mother and son who decide how to handle an intrusive toad. As the story unfolds, parents and children can take time to talk about what they think the son should do.

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