2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books presents Stolen Honors

Thrilling science fiction explains how heroes defend reality and prevent the rewriting of the past

The silent tension built with each stroke of the paddle as they glided through the darkness closer to town. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his shoulder as…”

— Excerpt from Stolen Honors

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Diane Lewis will be one of the featured authors at the upcoming 2022 Los Angeles Festival of Books with her published book, Stolen Honors. A science fiction book about time travel, history and the dangers of disrupting the timeline. It involves the agents of the Time Bureau, who work under the protection of the imposing Px Dome, scouring history for anomalies. They defend the reality of time shifts and paradoxical waves to prevent them from controlling or stealing the past or rewriting history for their benefit.

An item was purchased for investigation, and it was given to Junior Agent Ryan Hajjar. He is the youngest in the office and undertakes his first assignment without the supervision or guidance of his partner, lead agent Elizabeth Johnston. A case where information is more important than protection from paradoxical waves.

“A fun, amusing adventure of endearing characters traveling back in time to different and fascinating historical events. Has kept me locked in since I was a history guy, and while not a huge sci-fi buff, I could follow and enjoy the time travel concepts. You’ll enjoy applying your mystery skills to the plot twists at the end! Enjoyable and engaging read!”
—Robert Donahue, Amazon Customer Reviews

Diane Lewis is originally from central Illinois and now lives in Texas. She pursued studies in chemistry and biology and became a scientist. Now she unleashes her creativity with a story that connects history and, ties in with science and creative fiction.

Stolen Honors
Written by: Diane Lewis
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