5 Underrated Sci-Fi Villains From The 90s

When it comes to making a very good science fiction movie, there has to be a bit of give and take. Obviously, there must be very reliable and likeable protagonists. There have to be heroes that the public can lean on to shift into the clutch. However, when talking about the best sci-fi movies, there must also be a perfect foil for the protagonist to play. That’s why the best sci-fi movies have villains that are actually compelling. Villains who seem to be on the verge of victory, even though the audience knows that eventually the heroes will find a way to overcome all the obstacles in front of them.


When it comes to the best sci-fi movies of the 1990s, there were definitely some villains that stood out from the pack. They were bad guys lurking around every corner. These were villains who really posed a threat to the heroes of the film and what they were trying to accomplish. It also turns out that some of the best sci-fi movie villains of that era didn’t even have to be human. There were more than a few stories where the heroes had to come up against something that was so alien to humanity’s way of thinking that they became harder to overcome because the usual motivations and barriers just weren’t there. not here.

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Darth Maul

darth maul

This first villain is a little tricky because Darth Maul was definitely underrated, but he was also misused. In the annals of star wars villains, there were few villains as intimidating as Maul, mainly because the guy had real horns sticking out of his head. Even the imposing figure of Darth Vader had to rely on a mask and major respiratory problems. When Maul first showed up, it looked like he was going to be someone the Jedi were going to have a big problem with for a long time. Then he was sent before the end of the first film where he appeared. Sure, he took out a Jedi Master before he left, and for a time he more than withstood two Jedi at once. It turns out that where Darth Maul really achieved underrated villain stature was after that first appearance.

While people thought Darth Maul was dead and gone in the star wars prequel trilogy, later movies and shows like The Clone Wars brought him back and turned him into one of the most dangerous characters in the franchise. He was even such a beloved character that at one point there was talk of making a Darth Maul video game. This certainly qualifies him to be underrated after his first appearance in 1999.


Termination T-1000

It’s hard to remember that for a time there, the T-1000 Terminator was one of the most beloved villains of the modern movie age. It’s partly because the Terminator movie franchise had so many sequels and spinoffs that were just plain bad that audiences soured on anyone or anything appearing in any of the movies. That’s how the villain of Terminator 2 went from someone who was revered to someone who is now underrated when it comes to movie villains.

Played by Robert Patrick, this robotic villain was able to withstand almost any attack and keep coming. He was also able to fight every fight with the same half-empty but still very determined look on his face. It was the appearance of the T-1000 Terminator in Terminator 2 which helped the film be considered one of the best science fiction films of all time. And yet, it’s a safe bet that a poll of today’s top sci-fi villains would almost certainly leave the villain off the list.

Edgar the Bug Man

Edgar the Bug Man

The main reason Edgar is overlooked these days is because he was a comedy villain. These are rarely seen as truly imposing enemies for very obvious reasons. Nevertheless, the character played by Vincent D’Onofrio was actually very imposing in the original. men in black movie.

Edgar was a farmer who got gouged out by an alien bug and put it on his skin to hide from the Men in Black as he worked on his dastardly plan. The villain stole the show every time he was on screen thanks to his weird ways and rotting flesh. It’s a safe bet the movie wouldn’t have been as good if he wasn’t such a big bad guy, but he gets lost in the story because of the humor that surrounds him and his movie in general.


the jurassic park of raptors

It is not really difficult to understand why the raptors of jurassic park be overlooked when talking about the best villains of 90s movies. However, they really need more appreciation. These animals weren’t evil and didn’t hatch dastardly plotlines, but they were still fantastic villains on screen because they constantly showed up and put the movie’s heroes in mortal danger.

People tend to remember the Tyrannosaurus Rex from this movie as the big bad from jurassic park, but it was the raptors that were really the bad guys since they were a bit smarter than the T-Rex which was more of a ram than anything else.

The foreigners

The foreigners

The main reason The Strangers is so underrated is that dark city is one of those forgotten sci-fi movies that had a really good, original plot with some really towering villains. The Outsiders were an alien race that actually controlled the city at the center of the film.

At first, they seemed like just strangely emaciated old men who seemed to have a real problem watching people and mingling where they didn’t belong. When the audience discovered that they were essentially the ominous presence keeping the Dark City going, their plans took a rather diabolical turn.

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The control has one of the most unique open world settings in games

Control’s protagonist is Jesse Faden, the director of the FBC, also known as the Oldest House, a simple building that really steals the show.

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