8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Lovers

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When your loved one typically enjoys an out-of-the-ordinary read from the sci-fi and fantasy genre, a nerdy personalized Valentine’s Day book or artwork from ChickLit will likely earn you just a pat on the back and half a smile. In other words, they’re saying “While I appreciate the effort you’ve made to give me a present, this book doesn’t scream ‘unacceptable’ at me.”

For Valentine’s Day, can we agree that the best way to show your undying love and affection is to prove how well you know their partner’s interests? Good.

So if they’re a sci-fi and fantasy buff, here are 10 books you can gift this Valentine’s Day that will rise to the top of their TBR pile.

Image: Titan Books

It is madmax meets Firefly with a touch of Dunes in this thrilling work of science fiction by Stark Holborn. Ten Low is an ex-army nurse who lives on the edge of the universe, trying to lead a quiet life while atone for the sins she has committed.

When Ten discovers the wreckage of a starship, she meets teenage Gabrielle Ortiz – a genetically engineered army general on the opposite side of the war Ten once fought. When Ten learns that Gabrielle is the survivor of an assassination attempt, the two put their differences aside in a frantic race to get the young general to safety.

Along the way in this thrilling space western, the pair will encounter an all-female road gang, bandits and a military squad. Plus, a truth that will reveal Ten’s worst nightmare: his true identity.

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Only a Monster by Vanessa Len
Image: Allen and Unwin

A girl meets a sexy boy. The girl discovers that she is part monster. Then the girl discovers that the boy she loves is a monster hunter…

only a monster by Vanessa Len follows the story of Joan Chang-Hunt, who is half-Malaysian and half-English but also half-human and half-monster traveler.

When her summer crush, Nick, turns out to be the legendary hero who will eradicate all monsters in existence, Joan teams up with Aaron, whose family is the archenemy of hers. Together, the two will race to find a way to undo all the deaths Nick has caused in a breathtaking race through time.

This read is not like your usual fantasy romance books. Although it’s a slow burn, the explosive ending will have you staring at the ceiling for days.

Gift it to your local book lover for $14.99 (was $22.99).

Books are a great gift idea for Valentine's Day
Image: Walker Books

Recently adapted into a major film starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, The knife of never letting go is the story of Todd Hewitt, the only boy in a city of men. Todd inhabits a newly colonized alien planet where a virus, believed to have originated from the world’s native inhabitants, has killed many men and all women. After the aftermath of the virus, everyone in Todd’s settlement, Prentisstown, can hear “the noise” – all of the other’s constant, overwhelming thoughts.

Just days away from his 13th birthday, Todd comes across a strange silence in the local swamp. When he details his discovery to his adoptive parents, he is forced to flee from the hostile men of the city. Until he bumps into the first girl he’s ever seen – and a girl who doesn’t have “the noise”. But why did she survive? And what has the city been hiding from Todd all his life?

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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is a good Valentine's Day gift if your love is a reader
Image: Titan Books

This stand-alone novel is one of the biggest fantasy books to take over TikTok and it’s not hard to see why based on its intriguing premise. It’s perfect for fans of Adaline’s age.

In 18th century France, Addie LaRue trades her soul with the devil in exchange for immortality. But, of course, there is a catch. She is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she knew.

After making this deal, Addie flees her home and begins to travel the world. His only friend is the Black Devil himself, who visits him every year on the anniversary of their agreement, to ask for his soul. At least until Addie walks into a bookstore and stumbles upon the only person who remembers who she is.

Your Valentine would love this book as a gift for the big day.

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Image: Orbit

A epic space opera from bestselling author Megan O’Keefe with a jaw-dropping twist.

Sanda is a marine with the skills to save the universe and her brother, Biran, is a politician whose strategy can turn the tide of intergalactic war. When Sanda’s ship is blown out of the sky, she wakes up 230 years in the future – but how?

When she regains her bearings, she learns that they have lost the war she fought in the past and that everyone in the Star System is dead. Now Sanda must find a way through space and time to find her brother and fix things in the universe.

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Image: Bloomsbury

With an ensemble led by women, The Orange Tree Priory is an epic, high-fantasy tale of Saint George and the Dragon.

Queen Sabran is single and heirless; Ead Duryan went from outcast to lady-in-waiting overnight; and Tané, who has trained her whole life to be a dragon rider, takes a big risk to protect an intruder who might just unravel everything she’s worked for.

In the background lurks The Nameless One, an evil fire-breathing wyrm defeated long ago by Queen Sabran’s ancestor – who is about to rise again, putting the entire land in danger.

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Red Rising is an appropriate Valentine's Day gift if your love is a reader.
Image: Hodder Paperbacks

Darrow is a Helldiver: a slave who must extract enough precious metals from the surface of Mars so that humans can one day inhabit the planet. Except it turns out that Mars has been habitable for years. A member of the lowest caste, Darrow and the Reds have been exploited by the ruling class, the Golds, for years.

After losing everything, Darrow decides to infiltrate Gold’s Command School, so he can break the abusive cycle his people are trapped in while eliminating their oppressors from within at the same time.

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