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To his fans, The matrix franchise is a thought-provoking film series that mixes sophisticated philosophical concepts, spiritual ideologies and gripping action sequences in a way that has influenced several genres of films. His imagery, characters, and dialogue have made their way into the pop culture era, and his directing techniques have changed the way audiences view films.

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The very themes the films stand for – free will and personal choice – have sparked a myriad of opinions about it, from better sequels than the original film to Agent Smith being a terrible villain. While most of Reddit has a positive outlook on the franchise, there are some unpopular opinions about it that have started to grow in number as Sentinels.


The Matrix is ​​a terrible movie

Neo and Trinity walking together in The Matrix.

When The matrix released over 20 years ago, it pioneered many themes, concepts and tropes that action movies and TV series have reused for their own purposes today. Due to its distinctive style and innovative contributions to the action and sci-fi genres, The matrix is considered a steadfast classic that still stands today.

Flyingverver795 thinks that despite “some cool action sequences” the movie is terrible because viewers “can’t get involved in the characters, the plot is predictable, [and] the antagonists do not have a real personality. Most fans would say it’s the characters, intricate plot, and selflessness of the antagonists that make the movie watchable.

Movies have horrific action sequences

The Matrix Lobby Shooting

In 1999, The matrix fundamentally changed the course of action movies forever with its use of 360-degree shots, bullet times, and wiring. Every other ’90s action movie looked raw and amateur compared to The matrixis an aesthetic and quasi-balletic action.

Ubique008 thinks that after the movies drew in “young people with cool black clothes” viewers were treated to “horrible fake kung fu” that couldn’t appeal to anyone who likes “the UFC or an arts fight serious martial arts “. The fight sequences in The Matrix are not only an homage to Hong Kong cinema, but aim to reflect the endless possibilities inherent in the Matrix simulation, using the spectacle to illustrate this point. The “lobby scene” is still considered by many to be one of the best action sequences of any movie.

Reloaded die is better than die

Most fans of the franchise will maintain that The matrix is a stimulating, character-driven action film as its sequel, The Matrix Reloaded, often chooses to focus more on style than substance, which can be compared to suites that intend to be bigger (but not necessarily better) than their predecessors.

Desirable Lettuce think the sequel is better than the first film because “the plot [is] more interesting and complex ”and widens the world with“ the characters of the architect and the keymaker. ”some fans, but not enough to excuse the“ rave scene ”and other scenes that seem complacent.

Films tell a cohesive and satisfying story

Matrix recharged architect monitors

After The matrix introduces some interesting philosophical questions, its sequels intended to add even more until the entire trilogy sags under the weight of its collective ruminations while providing very few answers. This led fans to believe that the story presented in the first film had gone off the rails a lot, leading to a finale that lacked cohesion or purpose, and was quite different from what it was meant to be.

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Samislegend89 disagrees and thinks that from start to finish the three films tell a perfectly cohesive and even satisfying story, with the ending of The matrix: revolutions have “some of the most satisfying dialogue and sequences if you are a fan of the characters in the world that have been created”. The addition of wordy characters like The Architect, the issues with Neo becoming OP, and the War on the Machines, ultimately, are all commonly cited as ways the franchise jumped the shark.

Neo is the bad guy

Neo and Agent Smith face off during The Matrix Reloaded

From his humble beginnings as a hacker to becoming a symbol of resistance in Zion, and finally a messiah in the Matrix, Neo has a true hero journey, fundamentally changed in his end from who he was when he started out. He comes to represent altruism and personal freedom with his sacrifices.

Bullet killer06 thinks Neo is actually the villain, taking on machines which, although almost destroyed by humans, “decided to keep humans anyway,” even going so far as to give them a “utopia” to live in, to say nothing of “all the people Neo kills in The Matrix”. While that’s true, Morpheus doesn’t tell Neo who started the war first, the Machines using humans as batteries is an impermissible move most fans can’t see past.

Cypher was right

Joe Pantoliano as Cypher in The Matrix

Unlike the rest of his friends, Cypher never liked being freed from The Matrix. Learning the truth about mankind’s fate did not negate survival in a dystopian environment devoid of the luxuries the Matrix enjoyed. Therefore, he made a deal with Agent Smith to be reinstated into the Matrix (as “Someone Important”) in exchange for the sale of Neo, Morpheus, and everyone else.

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According to curtwagner1984, “In the Matrix, one could lead a much better and fuller life than in war-torn reality … so Cypher’s desire to return to the Matrix is ​​not as cowardly as it seems.” While it is true that Cypher could lead a much better life in The Matrix, that did not excuse his betrayal of his friends.

Agent Smith is the worst villain

Smith discusses existence with Morpheus in The Matrix

To make every hero righteous, there must be a powerful antagonist to fight against and prove their worth. Luke Skywalker had Darth Vader, Sarah Connor had Terminator, and Neo had Agent Smith, considered by many movie fans to be not only the best villain in the world. Matrix franchise but to stand up to the best sci-fi villains like relentless evil.

The Lonely Lamb1814 considers him the worst villain because “he can take over / become whoever he wants” and it “gets so boring”. While Smith’s method of wickedness might be considered monotonous, he has to live up to Neo, who was granted divine powers in the final film. Most fans would agree that Smith represents a ruthless harbinger of doom that seems unstoppable, until, like Neo, one embraces the “choice” and succumbs to it, and therefore are able to destroy it.

The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions Are Good Movies

Split image of Smith in Matrix Revolutions and Merovingian in The Matrix Reloaded

For some fans there is not as much “franchise” as there is The matrix followed by a series of films which dilutes the prestige of the original. They consider The Matrix Reloaded and The matrix: revolutions as soulless money rather than as part of a valid continuation of the themes and stories presented by The matrix.

rue_albert claims the sequels aren’t as bad as they say, and “did exactly what you might expect in terms of continuing the plot of the first film,” and helped build the film’s world original by “the different programs take human form and have” human “emotions.

Balance is better

At first glance, the years 2002 Balance looks similar to The matrix; its protagonists wear long black trench coats, act without emotion and live in a dystopian world. Beyond the superficial semantics, however, it follows a plot much more similar to Fahrenheit 451 Where THX1138, but some viewers still find it good to compare it to The matrix and declare it the top movie.

Willo420 think Balance is a better movie because of its ‘philosophical tone’ and ‘fight scenes’, but most Matrix fans believe it is impossible to take anything Balance seriously, from his witty dogma to his gun techniques that rival anything as campy as the movie he’s supposed to beat.

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