Albert Frey’s Futuristic Aluminaire House Is Still Hidden In Desert Storage Limbo | News


Image courtesy of Palm Springs Museum of Art

The Albert Frey Aluminaire house that was donated and shipped to the Palm Springs Art Museum about five years ago will remain disassembled in its shipping container for at least a year or more. The main issues raised by the city may prevent visitors from walking through the Aluminaire’s house, even when it is rebuilt.— Desert Sun

Frey’s 1931 Experimental House (created in partnership with A. Lawrence Kocher) entered the museum’s vaults in 2020 after six years in storage and a $600,000 donation, which was to be used for its permanent installation on land corner on the Campus of the Palm Springs Art Museum.

PSAM and its staff are, however, working closely with DW Johnson to fulfill previously unforeseen mandates for ADA’s accessibility and temperature control, a process that will involve the refabrication of many of its metal panels and cost more. of $2 million, according to statements by the director in the desert sun.

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“There is a big difference between a building temporarily installed for an exhibition and a permanent building,” museum director Adam Lerner explained of its institutional situation. “[It] It’s like someone left a puppy on your doorstep. And you say, well, I have other plans, and I never expected to raise a puppy now. … But he’s a puppy. You cannot refuse a puppy.

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