ALIEN SNIPERESS (2022) Sci-Fi Action Horror Reviews

“One shot, one kill for humanity”
Alien sniper is a 2022 American sci-fi horror-action film about an off-duty female soldier who encounters a hostile alien invasion. Also known as Alien sniper.

Written, produced, photographed and directed by Joseph Mbah (Battlefield 2025; Exhibition; Origins of Krampus; Genesis: Fall of the Crime Empire). Executive produced by Tim Warren.

The Paradox Universe-Green Apple Productions film stars Olivia Okoro, Sean Laguna, Doug Savage, Sean Dillingham, Bourke Floyd, Camille Kerber and Alaina Laethem.

Apparently, Alien sniper has several things against it, not the least of which is the use of a nonexistent word in its title! But at a time when so many filmmakers use overly generic (The Cursed) or bland (Trip) one-word titles that make their movies hard to find online, perhaps it’s a welcome bonus. Other obvious downsides are the film’s low effects budget and limited locations (a press conference in what looks like a school hall being particularly low), the latter being a problem when the plot involves an alien invasion. world.

Nevertheless, Alien sniper manages to talk about its humble origins and introduce a few characters the viewer can really care about, frantically shot action sequences that actually work, and some welcome parasites of the old-school Cronenenbergian variety. A strong black female lead that isn’t entirely cliché is also a bonus. The only minor downsides are the slightly too long running time which results in a few lulls here and there and some dodgy songs that feel shoddy.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

“The Danny Takacs static and gunshot effects are convincing enough and the CGI spaceship and muzzle flashes, while not great, are a cut above an Asylum or Mark Polonia movie […] Quickly paced and well done, Alien sniper was an unexpected treat…” 3.5/5 Voice from the balcony

Cast and characters:
Olivia Okoro … Chioma
Sean Laguna … Aaron
Douglas Savage … Lucas
Sean Dillingham … Doctor Clark
Bourke Floyd … Assemblyman Patrick Marshall
Camille Kerber … Liz
Alaina Laethem … Kelly
Mark Speno … Agent Marks
Ty Tremayne … Martin/Radio DJ
Dan Weisgerber … Mr. Kent

Technical details:
1 hour 34 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1


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