All everywhere, all at once proves the MCU is wasting the multiverse

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once takes the concept of the multiverse to greater heights and shows that the MCU hasn’t used the idea to its full potential.

Warning: slight spoilers for Everything everywhere all at once.

A24’s new sci-fi adventure comedy, Everything everywhere all at onceis a multiverse film that shows the mcu wasted the potential of infinite universes in his films. Chinese immigrant Evelyn Wang struggles to put her life in order and keep her family together in Everywhere when she is recruited to save the multiverse from the Jobu Tupaki entity. Evelyn learns to skip verses, access other universes, and even gain her skills and memories from these alternate dimensions. This Evelyn isn’t from a special universe where she’s the breakthrough scientist who invented verse skipping, in fact, she’s not really good at anything at all. Yet she jumps to the ultimate meaning of life and the multiverse.


Although the basic version of the premise is similar to other films, the concept of the multiverse is expanded more than before, as the film explores ideas never before seen in traditional multiverse media. Not only the characters of Everything everywhere all at once meet their alternate counterparts, but the film also touches on the endless possibilities and ultimate consequences of the existence of a multiverse. This all underscores how, despite the multiverse’s exciting premise, the breadth of its possibilities has yet to be tapped into by comic book movies and TV shows.

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Everything everywhere all at once improves on the basic multiverse premise that many superhero movies have covered, and progresses beyond simply putting different characters together in a universe to describe what a multiverse movie is capable of. Michelle Yeoh’s Evelyn Wang gains powers ranging from martial arts to reality warping by leaping towards her multiversal counterparts. The universes where Evelyn is a hibachi chief, a famous singer, or only exists in rock form all encompass the scope of the multiverse potential and are integral to Evelyn’s story in Everything everywhere all at once. This underscores how, so far, the MCU has only scratched the surface of potential with the multiverse, particularly how it affects its characters personally.

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While Spider-Man: No Coming Home temporarily bringing various Spider-Men and their respective villains into the MCU, Evelyn’s multiverse adventure eventually brings all of her alternate reality complements together into one being. Evelyn’s unprecedented access to the multiverse is just one of many quirky notions that Everywhere expands. Evelyn also discovers how her decisions affected the trajectory of her life, including what she would have been like had she not met her husband, Waymond Wang. This cause and effect of action is briefly discussed in Avengers: Endgame by Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One when the Hulk attempts to take the Time Stone, but no consequences result. On the other hand, Evelyn struggles to understand how different, if not better, her life would have been if she hadn’t run away with her husband, Waymond.

The Wang family and Jamie Lee Curtis’ IRS agent Deirdre Beaubeirdra all morph into different and sometimes extreme versions of their characters. Spider-Man: No Coming Home discarded some of its villains, namely Lizard and Sandman, and Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s versions of Spider-Man were little different from Tom Holland’s portrayal. Certainly the MCUs Lokimakes better use of multiverse parallels than Spider-Man: No Coming Home, introducing variations for Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, such as Kid Loki and Alligator Loki. However, Everything everywhere all at once still portrays the greatest range of outcomes the multiverses allow, with Evelyn even entering a world where she’s married to Deirdre and everyone has finger hot dogs.

The possibilities Everywheree All at once explores the multiverse is definitely one of a kind. The film brings new ideas to the table and puts its own spin on multiverse theories that were already in place. For now, Everything everywhere all at once is in a league of its own. Maybe the next release Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness can change that and be the first mcu slice to go beyond the surface level of what the multiverse concept has to offer.

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