Apple today won 55 patents covering a futuristic MR headset system for large environments, Touch ID under an iPhone Display+

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today officially released a series of 55 newly issued patents for Apple Inc. In this particular report, we cover a futuristic invention from Apple that envisions schools, the workplace, and… other large headset-supporting environments that will significantly advance communications. Apple has also obtained patents for Touch ID under an iPhone display using shortwave infrared optical imaging and more. And as always, we end this week’s granted patents report with our traditional list of the remaining granted patents that were issued to Apple today.

Base station and user device with directional wave formation based on position information

Apple has been granted a second patent for an advanced mixed reality headset (or smart glasses) system that they say could be used in schools, the workplace and other settings in the future.

For teachers, they will be able to extract and transmit 3D maps or images directly to students wearing HMDs in the classroom to make the subject matter more realistic and meaningful; to allow the teacher to manipulate a 3D object while explaining various properties of the object to the students and thus provide a whole new, richer teacher-student experience.

A surgeon in a hospital might be waiting for the last image from a brain scan of a patient in a serious car accident. Time is everything to know whether the patient could survive the surgery or not. Receiving richly detailed images from a patient’s brain scan could be sent to the doctor’s headset where he could manipulate the image in real time and make a vital decision on the spot.

In Apple’s patent FIG. 1A below we can see an illustration of a wireless communication system including a base station, relay docking station and user devices; FIG. 1B is a block diagram illustrating the components of a relay station.

Figures 8 to 10 of the Apple patent below illustrate alternative arrangements or configurations depending on the room and the presence or absence of obstacles. More specifically, Fig. 8 below illustrates a wireless communication system comprising several base stations and several cameras or infrared sensors; FIG. 9 illustrates a wireless communication system comprising wall relay stations; FIG. 10 illustrates a wireless communication system including floor mounted relay docks.

3 patent fig apples

For that, you can check out our original report with more patent numbers here.

In the original patent, Apple’s most important patent claims covered three topics which were a system; a method; and a relay quay.

In Apple’s second patent granted today, they changed the name of the invention from “Relay Dock and Base Station with Directional Wave Forming Based on Position Information” to “Base Station and User Device with directional wave formation based on position information”.

Apple’s patent also added 20 new patent claims with different priorities covering a base station; a user device; and a method. For details, see Apple granted patent 11,271,618.

Shortwave infrared optical imaging via an electronic device display

4 touch IDs under the screen

Apple has obtained another patent relating to Touch ID under the display under the number 11,270,096. Apple has added a new set of 20 patent claims which you can view here. Apple obviously covered a similar patent granted in 2021 that extended Touch ID to the MacBook display.

Other Slightly Interesting Granted Patents

In October 2020, Patently Apple released an IP report titled “Apple invents Future AR Glasses app allowing users to compare products side-by-side like pharmaceuticals and more”. Today, Apple has obtained this patent under the number 11,270,367

Apple has also been granted two detailed patents relating to AirPods Max, as follows:

01: Headphones with off-center pivoting earcup (11 272 279)

02: Earpiece with cushion support (11 272 280)

The remaining patents granted to Apple today

5 - Apple's remaining granted patents for March 08, 2022

10.52FX - Patent Bar Granted

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