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PHILADELPHIA CREAM, September 7, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Author William G. Howard has published his latest science fiction book, which takes readers 250 years into the future to a time when Eastern countries dominated the West and a mysterious virus threatens to take hold of the modern world. “Marigold” follows a half-human, half-android woman as she navigates this post-revolutionary landscape and grapples with the societal inequalities faced by people like her who are not fully human.

In 2270, the Lyceum Mechaniska lab produced androids – part robot, part human – called “InOrganics”. Marigold is one such creation, designed to help people who have experienced emotional or physical trauma. However, Marigold acted strangely, even aggressively. When Marigold is accused of murder, she risks being fired. Despite what scientists think, she is innocent of her crimes and now on a mission to prevent the spread of a virus and adhere to the last words of a dying person by finding “the pink rabbit”.

Detective Chabox Brignadoc has long been suspicious of Lyceum and the company’s behind-the-scenes behavior. Brignadoc must determine if Marigold is guilty of murder or if she is the victim of a conspiracy. In an adventure that spans two continents, Marigold and DCI Brignadoc are in a race against time to reveal a deadly secret that could change the face of humanity forever.

“I admire writers who take innovative approaches to social issues and venture down the less traveled route with their fiction,” Howard said. “I have always considered myself to have a unique view of the world around me, and I am delighted to share my imagination with readers. I hope this book can entertain and maybe even spark a conversation about the forms of artificial life and their place in the modern world. “

Ultimately, “Marigold” takes readers on an adventure into the not-so-distant future and explores topics of social equity, scientific mindfulness, and empowerment of the rich and powerful. Shrouded in a captivating mystery, readers will be riveted to the very last page.


Through William G. Howard

ISBN: 978-1-6657-0260-7 (sc); ISBN: 978-1-6657-0261-4 (f)

Available through Archway Publishing, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

About the Author

William G. Howard’s the fascination with storytelling began in childhood. After graduating from Temple University with his bachelor of science in early childhood and elementary education, Howard taught for the school district of Philadelphia cream for 20 years before semi-retirement in 2013 to devote himself to writing. He obtained his Masters in Elementary Education and History for Educators from LaSalle University. Howard is a member of the Bucks County Writers Group and is also the author of “The Eye of Hermes: A Minerva Novel”. It resides in Philadelphia cream with his wife, Bonnie, and he is currently working on his next book. To learn more, please visit or follow the author on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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