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TEXARKANA, Ark. – About 27 authors, both local and national, gathered for the annual gathering of authors at Circle J Church, the second time this venue has hosted the event. Started by local author Tammy Thompson 12 years ago to meet other local writers, the event has since grown to include writers from all over.

“There was such a reaction to the original event in 2010, we did two that year,” said Thompson. “Since then, it has grown rapidly every year. “

The authors who show up each year bring with them a range of genres. This year, genres included young adult, mystery, romance, fantasy, and sci-fi.

DC Gomez, a local fantasy author and citizen of Wake Village, Texas, said she came before she became a published author herself.

“I was a fan of it long before I started writing,” she said. “It’s a great way to meet writers whose work you love and meet fans of your work. It’s a humbling thing to meet people who want to meet you because they love what you create.”

Gomez herself scoured the floor and picked up books.

“I spoke with Mrs. Dana Wayne,” she said. “She writes romance novels but also wrote a cookbook. I bought one. Just this event is a lot of fun, exciting. I’m sitting here, sandwiched between a children’s author and an author of high fantasy. It’s a learning environment for a post author, learning to balance promotion with the creative side. A show like this is also just a chance to be there for your readers. “

Gomez also has a new series of books coming up, The Chronicles of Elisha and Elijah, the first book is titled “Recruited”.

“This series is about a post-apocalyptic Texas, beginning on the first day after civilization ended caused by a war between mankind and witches,” she said. “The apocalyptic setting of the stories is the result of this conflict.”

Thompson is working on his 10th book, but is keeping it a secret, saying only that autism will be one of the themes and that this topic has also been the inspiration for this year’s writers’ gathering.

“Profits will go to local autism efforts,” Thompson said. “It will help families struggling with autism needs, supplies, education and more.”

Thompson credits a lot of help in making Gathering of Authors possible.

“It takes everything I have to put on this show,” she said. “All the gear, all the prizes, all of that, I couldn’t do it alone. The community has to come together to do it.”

(For more information on Gathering of Authors, visit or call 903-701-1205)

Tammy Thompson, local author and founder of Gathering of Authors, speaks with attendees at Circle J Church on Saturday. Having started the event to find and meet other local writers, the gathering now attracts writers of all kinds from across the country. As always, this year’s event was held for a good cause, in this case to benefit local autism awareness. (Staff photo by Junius Stone)


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