bandit9’s retro-futuristic metallic e-scooter glides wittily through traffic

Bandit9 Nano retro-futuristic e-scooter

Based in Saigon motorbike company Bandit9 presents “Nano”, a electric scooter straight out of a sci-fi movie. Inspired by the fall of a meteor, its chubby silhouette is crafted from Rolex (904L) steel and polished in a vibrant metallic color that exudes a retro-futuristic yet luxurious look. Combining style and utility, the Nano was created for the city while being a conscious choice to minimize your carbon footprint.

As the designers mentioned, “In town, it’s not about speed. It’s a matter of size.” Thanks to its delicate body, Nano can squeeze through traffic, weave between cars and take shortcuts in narrow alleys. When it comes to parking, you can park anywhere in any direction, saving you time and avoiding potential fights with impatient drivers.

‘Nano’ electric scooter features an eye-catching metallic body

all images courtesy of Bandit9

be delicate & durable

The Vietnamese motorcycle brand created Bandit9 Nano, a smart choice for riders who want to combine features but don’t want to go unnoticed. Unlike most plastic scooters, the Nano is made from Rolex (904L) steel and polished in sterling silver. This electric scooter is created to make everyday commuting brighter and smoother, especially when you need to move around town quickly. The basic model deliberately offers a top speed of 45 km/h. This means anyone with a car license can just get in and go. However, there is a second option, “Nano+”, which can reach a top speed of 75 km/h and requires a motorcycle license.

Besides practicality, the Nano scooter focuses on an eco-friendly design that drives you without any emissions. Users can complete a full charge by themselves in less than 4 hours with the charging cable. However, if you can’t find an outlet, you can simply detach the battery and charge it at a nearby standard outlet. The meticulously crafted model appears as a seamless metal surface that pleases the eye. Something between artwork and vehicle, Nano comes with every sculpted curve and refined edge. Bandit9 founder and chief design officer, Daryl Villanueva, says he doesn’t want the Nano’s cosmic “speed shape” to be marred by road regulations. So the resulting design sees clever ways to integrate the entire vehicle into its main form.

The standard version of Nano is priced at €4499, while Nano+ costs €4990.Bandit9's Retro-Futuristic Metallic Electric Scooter Can Sneak Through Traffic

Nano looks straight out of a sci-fi movie

Bandit9's Retro-Futuristic Metallic Electric Scooter Can Sneak Through Traffic

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