Belmont Vision – Belmont dedicates $ 180 million to the Fisher Center for Performing Arts


Belmont on Tuesday opened the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts in a groundbreaking ceremony, an event that has lasted four years and nine days.

The center, a premier venue built to world-class specifications, spans four floors, with approximately 150,000 square feet of space suitable for use by students and professionals.

Named in honor of former university president Bob Fisher, who held the post for over 20 years, the center commemorates his accomplishments during his tenure, which included more than $ 1 billion in projects from expansion of the campus.

“What I would really like to emphasize is that this is for our students,” said Fisher, the guest of honor at the event. “I hope that will be the message sent. We think you are so good.

The center contains a massive 1,700-seat opera house, two multi-purpose ballrooms, as well as a rehearsal space, dressing rooms and backstage technical facilities.

Hidden details of Fisher’s heritage are imprinted throughout the building, including the bees that line the classic stone columns on the facade and inside the Great Hall. Inside the high domed ceiling, twinkling LED stars represent the constellations visible on April 1, 2000, the day the fishermen arrived at Belmont.

The Fisher Center is the largest and most technologically advanced performance hall on campus, designed in the style of a European opera house. Belmont Vision / Ansley Letsinger

The concert hall will host locally and nationally recognized artists, with performances from the Nashville Ballet and the Nashville Opera already on the event schedule.

But Belmont students will also take ownership of the scene in the months to come.

“The opportunities we may have here are unlike anywhere else in the world. No other student will be able to perform in a space like this, ”said Avery Goodwin, a double major in songwriting and music.

Student productions, including theater, dance, and music, will all use the Fisher Center, starting with the Department of Drama and Dance’s production of “Peter and the Starcatcher,” which runs February 25-27, 2022 .

The university’s national television show “Christmas at Belmont” will also find its new home at the Fisher Center when it returns to theaters in September.

“I could see artists of all genres wanting to perform here,” said Belmont president Marty Dickens.

A bronze statue of Fisher and his wife, Judy, stands outside the building named in their honor.

And Fisher’s philosophy of hard work is etched on the statue as a reminder of the growth to come at Belmont:

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”

The statue of Bob and Judy Fisher, created by sculptor Jeffrey Hall, was also unveiled on Tuesday. Belmont Vision / Anna Jackson

PHOTO: The banner drops to reveal the name of the new performing arts center, which was kept a secret from students and faculty until Tuesday’s unveiling. Belmont Vision / Anna Jackson

This article was written by Ansley Letsinger and Walker Dixon.


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