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Shooting games, action subgenres, are some of the most popular in the industry, divided into several categories and, within these, FPS (First person shooter) stands. Titles like Doom and Quake have had a huge influence on consolidating the genre and transforming it into the phenomenon it is today.

Over the years, the furniture of the devices has turned out to be an increasingly interesting space for different genres and the FPS fits perfectly into small screens. Today we’re going to show you some names that we consider to be the best in the mobile FPS genre.

  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS
  • Price: free (internal purchases optional)

  • Cut:

    approximately 640MB for both platforms (version 5.8)
  • Gameloft brings an excellent FPS experience in a sci-fi setting with this title divided into two modes, the campaign, for those who like an interesting story, and the online mode, for the on-call competitors.

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    With a minimalist HUD, the player does not share the attention and focuses on the action and story on the screen. In the shoes of Kal Wardin, ex-military, the player finds himself in a mysterious alien invasion and must fight for the future of the Earth. To help you, a user-friendly artificial intelligence accompanies you on the journey.

    The influence of HALO is clear, and although it is not issued, it has the same fame, the quality of it

    space opera is enough to make this game a must have for fans of the genre.

    NOVA Legacy is a great FPS experience for mobile devices (Image: Rodrigo Folter / ScreenCapture)


  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS

  • Price:

    4.47 BRL for Android and 0.53 R $ for iOS (internal purchases optional)

  • Cut:

    approximately 1024 MB for Android and 1.2 GB for iOS (version 1.7)

  • Recently, Square Enix released the second title in the series for free, but the first had fewer microtransactions and we played the role of the legendary Agent 47 in various missions to take out important fictional characters on the world stage.

    It’s the experience less action-centric and more strategy-focused on the list. The player is introduced to the scenario and has several means to eliminate his enemy. The efficient head shot

      is always an option, but knocking down enemies from the balcony, detonating cans and the like makes your actions go unnoticed.

      Over 200 missions await the player during the campaign and he also has an online ledger where you can climb the ranks and become the most effective killer in the world.

      Hitman Sniper brings strategic FPS experience (Image: Rodrigo Folter / Screenshot)

      Legends of the Shadow Guns

      The quantity seems to be what the developers thought when creating this title. The title has over 200 missions and nothing else. less than, over 200 weapons available for players to find the ones they enjoy the most and engage in combat.

      Madfinger puts the player in the shoes of a Shadowgun recruit in a context of war, in campaign mode, but it is also possible to perform cooperative missions with more than three friends in search of better loot and to face enemies. stronger.

      Thanks to the fame system, you can become famous for the way you play, have more reactions to what you do, and thus become a legend of Shadowgun Legends.

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