Black Friday Space Board Game Deals: Save Up To 66% On Space & Sci-Fi Board Games

We’ve been hunting for the best Black Friday space board game deals, and we’ve come back with interstellar transport.

Whether it’s a space variation of a classic family game or a whole new style of play, there are plenty of well-rated games that have hit the shelves for Black Friday. Read below for an overview of Terraform Mars, The search for planet X and other great deals on space board games for Black Friday.

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The card game in search of planet X

At the moment, the search for planet X is on sale for $ 34.99 on Amazon, down from $ 44.99, and lets you and a few friends take on the role of astronomers trying to find a hypothetical planet.

A companion app allows players to perform scans and attend lectures to gain information on the location of these celestial objects. A player wins the 60-75 minute game by successfully finding the location of Planet X.

The Crew – Quest for Planet Nine

The Crew – Quest for Planet Nine is reduced to just $ 5.09 on Amazon, a savings of 66%, and is a space game that offers three to five players to engage in a playing card game that gets harder and harder as you play.

As players complete 50 different missions across the solar system, they must work together in this collaborative game to win.

Apollo: a collaborative game

Who wouldn’t want to go to the moon? You can land (see what we did there) Apollo: a collaborative game on target for $ 11.99 at Target (that’s 50% off) for Black Friday.

The game is inspired by actual NASA lunar missions (its full name is literally “Apollo: A Collaborative Game Inspired by NASA Missions”) and is suitable for two to five players. The goal is simple: go to the moon and come back to 1961.

We’re sure NASA would have loved doing their own moon landing for half the price.

Dune: a game of conquest and diplomacy is a board game by Gale Force Nine that puts you in the shoes of young Paul Atreides (or if you prefer, a Harkonnen) in a contest to gain control of the most important planet in the galaxy: Dune, Arrakis, a desert planet. The game is 9% off Black Friday at $ 45.68, down from $ 50.

Suitable for 2-4 players ages 12 and up, this game immerses you in author Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic (and the 2021 movie remake) to play as one of four different factions: House Atreides (yay!), House Harkonnen (boo!), The Fremen (yay!) And the Imperium (boo!). Your objective: Gain control of Arrakis and his precious Spice. The average game lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

it should be noted that there are two other versions of the Dune board game from Gale Force Nine. The classic version is 8% off at $ 45.79 and intended for 2 to 6 players; and a separate version, Dune: Betrayal from the 2021 movie, is $ 39, but not for sale. This game is intended for 4 to 8 players.

Monopoly Space board game

Monopoly space is 50% off at Target, saving you $ 10, and takes the traditional Hasbro board game and gives it an out of this world twist. Yes, you should still try to acquire spaces around the board, but you will be trying to lock down planets, mining resources, and more to build your own colony on Mars. Players are working on building vital elements of a space base (like a dome so you can breathe), but the first to complete the base will win everything.

Terraforming Mars board game

Terraform Mars, which is 26% off on Amazon, ask players to work together (but also compete) to build a sustainable habitat on Mars so that humanity can thrive. Players have split into factions from different societies (each with their strengths for resources) to warm the planet Mars, find water, and much more to make the place suitable for life.

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Board Game

You can get Twilight Imperium for 27% off and save $ 45 on Amazon to mark one of the most popular space opera board games available today. The base game has been a spin for over 20 years, and this deal will take you to its 4th edition.

Twilight Imperium is an intergalactic battle board game with gameplay reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons. It puts each player in command of one of 17 different factions like the Emirates trade brains of Hacan or the ghosts of Creuss jumping into wormholes. Once the factions are formed, players compete against each other in the areas of war, commerce, politics, and allegiances to rule the galaxy.

Star Wars Imperial Assault board game

Star Wars Imperial Assault is 20% off on Amazon, a savings of $ 20 and offers a game that is suitable for both individual play or a group of five. The game places the participants in the original trilogy.

You can play as a Rebellion Hero or fight alongside the Galactic Empire to fight conflicting goals with other players.

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