BMW i7, the electric soundtrack of science fiction films

composer Hans Zimmer It won two Oscars for the soundtrack to Dune and The Lion King, but we still don’t know if that’ll be enough to convince motorists to buy it. BMWi7 rather than a competitor. Of course, despite having one i7 It will be a great musical experience, given that The sounds chosen to accompany the electric car are new And well thought out. The first impression, hearing them, is of being in a science fiction film, and sometimes in a thriller of the future.

The BMW i7 soundtrack created by Zimmer has different tones depending on what is happening in the car. There are special tones for operation, for scene mode (rear passengers), for entering the passenger compartment. However, the most “exciting” ones are associated with different driving styles. The sound varies depending on what you choose in the My Modes menu and the possibilities available Personalized, Athletic, Efficient, Expressive, Relaxed. The intensity and frequency of the sound vary according to the position of the accelerator pedal and the lights.

Particularly, Sport mode is the most enjoyable in terms of positive driving tension. The higher the dynamism, the more electric sound fuels: and when all of the car’s 536 horsepower (744Nm of torque) are unleashed, the sound responds accordingly. in fashion ExpressiveInstead, Zimmer took a little more freedom in terms of melody, and that’s probably where we encounter some real sci-fi. For those who are easily affected, driving this car this way at night may not be a pleasant experience. clearly No one thinks of comparing these sounds to an internal combustion enginebut there’s no denying that in the hypothetical future of electricity for all of us, in-car music could become more than a technical whim.

PF | Samuel Brussino

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