Boldly Go Where No One Has Been Before: The Growing Demand for Futuristic Bathrooms


Amid the current real estate race for bigger homes and more outdoor space, new research reveals that the smallest room in the home is seeing an increase in demand for space age technology, allowing homeowners to boldly go where no one has gone before.

And not content with having a futuristic bathroom, it seems the vast majority of us also want more.

A new survey of house hunters found 86% would be willing to pay more if the property in question had at least two bathrooms, with one in ten admitting they would be happy to pay £ 10,000 + per additional bathroom.

According to research from The Bathroom Showroom, men are especially keen on having an extra “little room”. On average, men would be happy to pay 60% more than women when it comes to securing a new home with multiple bathrooms, with men surveyed paying up to £ 4,400 per additional bathroom while women surveyed said they were only willing to pay up to £ 2,750.

Additional bathrooms are also more sought after by younger generations, with the vast majority (95%) of 25-34 year olds willing to pay more for an additional bathroom (£ 4,850), compared to 77% of those over 65 years (£ 2,670).

Residents of Liverpool would pay the most (£ 5,530), followed by those living in Bristol (£ 5,105). In contrast, residents of Belfast would pay the least for an additional bathroom (£ 2,025), followed by those living in Newcastle (£ 2,050).

According to Peter Elson of the Tamworth branch of YOPA real estate agents, a second or even third bathroom is becoming a necessity for those wishing to move into a new home.

He said: “You can add up to 5% in value to your property by adding a second bathroom, even more in today’s market. A lot of second not I see have a second bathroom right at the top of their wishlist. A bathroom is no longer a luxury – it is a must – and a four bedroom house should have at least two bathrooms, ideally three.

When it comes to specific features, an en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom is the most popular choice, with almost half of the house hunters involved in the research (42%) selecting it as one of their top choices. requirements when choosing a new home.

In second place, there was a separate tub and shower, with 41.5% saying this was a priority when looking for new accommodation.

Research also indicates that there is a clear division of priorities between the younger and older generations when it comes to their bathroom choices, with those 45 and older favoring a bathroom in the master bedroom ( 51%), while 18-44 year-olds prefer a separate bath and shower (43%).

Interestingly, twice as many men (10%) as women (5%) are happy to pay extra for a bidet, while more women (13% vs. 6.5% men) will pay more for a bidet. a double sink.

Some house hunters are also interested in having a bathroom with the latest technology, with 12% looking for a TV in the bathroom and one in ten hoping for a smart electric toilet in their new home. These features were particularly popular with buyers aged 25-34.

The designers of The Bathroom Showroom indicated that integrating technology into a bathroom is currently a rising trend, with many customers installing smart mirrors, digital showers, touchless values ​​and eco-friendly solutions. ‘environment.

Parv Sangera, Managing Director of The Bathroom Showroom, adds: “It is clear from our research that additional bathrooms will be a priority for many home hunters in 2021, however, it was interesting to see how preferred features vary by generation and gender.

“With real estate experts saying an extra bathroom could add 5% to the value of your home, that could amount to an extra £ 12,500 for the average UK homeowner.

“If you are considering adding an additional bathroom to your property to make it easier to sell a home, research shows that going for a separate bathroom, tub and shower, walk-in shower or a underfloor heating could make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

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