Budding inventors explain how simple machines work at Gitanjali Primary School

Hyderabad: Gitanjali Primary School recently organized a science activity. Children are introduced to the concept and history of simple machines through this science activity provided in grades IV, V and VI, the school said in a statement.

Students were asked to name tools that make life easier. They went hunting for tools around the house and brought many tools and discussed their uses.

Children learn how the idea of ​​simple machines, born with the Greek philosopher Archimedes, inspired the work of scientists like Galileo Galilei and artists like Leonardo da Vinci.

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Illustrations and a corresponding worksheet activity also helped students conceptualize what each of the six types of simple machines look like – wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, and screw – and the workings behind these tools.

The children also thought about the different examples of all these machines and where they are used. Such activities strengthen their scientific temperament and encourage them to become budding inventors and young engineers.

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