Cadillac looks into the distant future with its interior space vehicle

Cadillac is playing the big game with Interior Space, a concept for the distant future, with crazy ideas for mobility and a utopian vision.

Under the glamorous flashes of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Cadillac unveiled their concept of the Inner Space electric vehicle, a wild vehicle with a futuristic look. CES 2022 has become the zero point for car manufacturers presenting their new ranges of electric vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has shocked the world with a car with a range of 1,000 km, and even Sony has embarked on the latest trends in mobility.

The brands have opted for two tactics when it comes to the electric vehicle market. One of those tactics is to surprise customers with vehicles ready to roll off the assembly line, like BMW or the Hummer did. Playing the long game is the other. Companies like Chrysler and their Airflow EV are revealing concepts that will only be available in the distant future.


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The iconic American brand Cadillac is playing the long game with the Inner Space EV concept. It only takes a quick glimpse of the car to realize that it is more than impressive, but the technology and the world are far from ready for it. The Cadillac Inner Space is so deeply immersed in the future that it doesn’t even have a steering wheel. All in all, it looks like a Lamborghini just crashed from the future while going through a multidimensional metaverse.

It’s cool ? Yes. Are we going to drive it soon? Definitely not.

Cadillac interior space
Photo via Cadillac

Everything about the Inner Space Cadillac depends on the car’s ability to drive itself. Unfortunately, that would require Level 5 autonomous driving, a technology that hasn’t been in place for years. However, Cadillac is counting on the fact that it will have the technology in a few years. So she created a car that is not meant for driving. Instead, it’s up to the passengers to focus on the journey and on themselves.

A massive screen takes center stage where the steering wheel once stood. The car’s doors open rather than to the side, revealing a luxurious interior for two. Even Cadillac recognizes that their car is a long way into the future, “these are visions for the next decade and beyond“said Bryan Nesbitt, executive director of General Motors. Cadillac hasn’t even bothered to disclose official information about the electric motor it will be using, the ranges it will have or the speed at which it will drive. Most likely, it’s because they have no idea about it yet.

The car’s flagship software is GM’s Ultifi platform, which, like Tesla’s software, will be updated over the air. Additionally, Cadillac indicates that (no longer needed) drivers will be immersed in augmented reality experiences through the panoramic SMD LED screens. However, the low-slung Cadillac Inner Space still captures our attention despite its sci-fi theme. It’s a vision of what most think future cars will look like. Cadillac says that in this utopia, driven with AI and machine learning, the Inner Space will be “totally autonomous,” have “zero accidents, zero emissions,“and live in”zero clutter” streets.

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Source: Cadillac Media

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