Call of Duty 2024 should have two settings like Black Ops 2

Call of Duty fans can be focused on the next one modern warfare 2 at the moment, but leaks about Treyarch’s next game have also appeared online. If found to be correct, players will see another entry in the Black Ops series that could potentially feature a Gulf War setting. However, another rumor suggests that a very different setting will be used, as a reputable insider has mentioned that Treyarch’s next game will take place in the near future.


While a game set in the 1990s and a game set after 2022 would be vastly different in technology, tone, and general type of warfare, Treyarch has already combined two distinct eras into one game with Call of Duty Black Ops 2. With this game’s campaign being incredibly popular due to its dual timelines, as players fought through warzones in the 1980s and 2025, a similar tactic can and should be used with Call of Duty 2024.

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The potential returns of Alex and David Mason

While a frame reserved for the Gulf War for Call of Duty 2024 would likely bring a new cast of characters, as Jason Hudson would be dead and Frank Woods would be crippled in the Gulf War, it could still bring Alex Mason back. If Treyarch is ready to canonize the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 ending where Alex Mason survives Menendez’s plan, then the Gulf War could be used to explain Mason’s whereabouts.

The black ops 2 ending where Mason survives leaves a large void in its story, as Frank Woods was shocked to learn that his comrade was still alive. While Mason is obviously too old to fight when he reappears in 2025, as he would be around 92 years old, he would likely have an interesting story to tell. After all, there must be a reason why he allowed Woods and his son David to believe he was dead for over 30 years, because it wouldn’t make sense for him to keep that information a secret.

Maybe Mason was given a mission by the CIA, and his importance forced him to stay in hiding and maintain the illusion that he was killed. Whatever the reason for its disappearance, however, a game that filled that gap in the timeline would be exciting. Mason would have only been 57 during the Gulf War, so even if he was on the older side, he could very well have served in that conflict. Plus, revisiting Mason’s story might make sense if he’s somehow connected to a new threat his son David must fight, with players once again controlling the father and son duo.

A villain on par with Raul Menendez

Raul Menendez is the reason why Call of Duty Black Ops 2The campaign and its two timelines work, because its backstory being so intertwined with Woods and Mason creates a rivalry that spans decades. Not only does this give David Mason a personal grudge against Menendez, but it further motivates the player to bring him down since Menendez has killed or injured beloved characters. Plus, it allows Menendez to have a much deeper backstory than the others. Call of Duty villains, as players witness his tragic origin story firsthand.

Menendez is the reason the blood feud with Woods and the Mason family begins, as he is responsible for locking Woods in a cargo box alongside dozens of corpses. With a lack of food and water, total darkness and a terrible smell to deal with for a long time, Woods was not the same man after being rescued. A deep hatred of Menendez saw him spiral out of control on a mission to take him down, throwing a grenade at the antagonist. This led to Menendez’s sister dying, setting him on a path that led him to lead a terrorist movement in 2025. By tricking Woods into killing Mason, crippling Woods, and then killing Hudson in front of a young David, Menendez was a cunning enemy who had a huge impact on the Black Ops chronology.

Call of Duty 2024 could deliver a strong villain like Menendez using the dual timeline tactic. Alex Mason could encounter this enemy during the Gulf War, without succeeding in eliminating them. In 2025, this villain could return, inspired by Menendez and the Cordis Die movement. This would explain why Mason returns when he does during the good ending of Call of Duty Black Ops 2, as he might have key information to inform his son of the next threat. Nope Call of Duty villain is closing in on Menendez, as even icons like General Shepherd and Vladimir Makarov lack the depth of black ops 2is the main enemy. Using a similar approach to storytelling in Call of Duty 2024, maybe Treyarch can find the same magic of Menendez.

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A greater variety of weapons and maps in Call of Duty 2024

In addition to creating a powerful villain and providing an explanation for Alex Mason’s disappearance, Call of Duty 2024 having two settings would mean more weapon and map variety. Not only could players use Gulf War weapons like M16s and FAMAS, but they could wield Call of Duty Black Ops 2futuristic weapons again. Having a variety of early 1990s firearms alongside the AN-94, Skorpion EVO, and KSG might lead to the most diverse weapon roster the series has ever seen. This would be extremely beneficial for Multiplayer and Zombies modes.

Also, having two settings would ensure a wide variety of maps. Players could fight across futuristic maps from the David Mason timeline or more historic locations like the Persian Gulf, allowing for a more diverse range of playspaces. Gulf, that would probably mean a lot of desert-focused maps in Black Ops 5. However, by incorporating a futuristic Call of Duty setting, other types of cards could be seen. Going from a high-tech city on one map to a 1990s ghost town on the next would be exciting, and it would allow Treyarch to give each map a unique style and identity.

Ultimately, there is little to suggest that Call of Duty Black Ops 2The concept of two deadlines will be revisited. While a Gulf War-era jet plane is indeed seen in some leaked art from Treyarch’s next game, and a futuristic setting for Call of Duty 2024 has been rumored in the past, no official information has been provided about the game. As such, all fans can do is speculate what it will be. Still, black ops 2 is considered one of the best games in the franchise for a reason, and anything resembling that game would probably be fine with fans. If the Gulf War and near future set-up rumors turn out to be true, a truly special game could be on the way.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is available now on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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