Class Two version 1.44 released for Season 10 on September 13

BSD-1.344 has already been released on all platforms during the games maintenance window. This is for Season 10: The Price of Power, or Title Update 16 (TU16) – and is available now on all platforms. Agencies can expect new manhunts, new equipment and weapons. Read on for The Division 2 patch notes for September 13.

The Division 2 Update 1.44 Patch Notes | The Division 2 Season 10 Patch Notes | Division 2 TU16 Patch Notes | The Division 2 September 13th Patch Notes:

Ubisoft has yet to release official patch notes, but here’s a look at some of the confirmed new stuff included in the Massives stream for Ubisoft Season 10.

Title Update 16 -.

Official patch notes are available for updates, so this preview may change.


  • New manhunt
  • Countdown
    • Three new obstacles.
    • New countermeasures 1 and 2.
  • A new set of equipment will be introduced.
  • 1 brand newborn set.
    • Brazos de Arcabuz (Barazo) is a buenada.
  • 2 New names of the new element.
    • ACS-12 left-handed shotgun.
    • Step left SOCOM MIA
  • Three new Exotics are available in a new way.
    • Doctors have a new life as a child.
    • Holy Nilsks gloves!
    • My little pawn was very tired.
  • The addition of legendary difficulty can be overlooked.
    • Tidal pool
    • The national park is a beautiful bird.
  • The quality of life changes.
    • Barber Shop Upgrade
    • Please suspend your legs.
    • Hide a signature weapon.
    • New exotic drops are released.
  • Balance Changes

Season 10: Price of Power premieres on September 13. In the meantime, the Agents have embarked on a new Manhunt. The target is General Peter Anderson, a leader of the False Sons who attempted to take control of the Black Tusk in order to bring the forces into the fight against the Division. Yeah, so it might have nothing to do with us. As you and your fellow Agents become targets on the trail of General Anderson, you earn rewards through the new Season Pass and become able to score new cosmetic items at Apparel Parties.

The jacket that General Anderson took from the former leader of the True Sons, General Antwon Ridgeway.

Clothing event

SHD Paragon focuses more on military outfits.

Sharpshoot outfit =/ >.

Dark Path is more Halloween-oriented.

=> Babyface outfits:


New Difficulties

TU 16 allowed Countdown to get 4 new selectable challenges: One: Countdown, Both: Countdown, and the other: Countdown with TU16.

Normal can be completed solo. Difficult to obtain for a group of eight casual players. The challenge is for the current sandbox, designed for a group of 8 players. Can be completed with a team of 24 hardcore players. High quality for 48 hardcore gamers.

This is directly because UPTS contacted players to complete the series or to make an easier version of the countdown. They added these new difficulties to make it more accessible and challenging. You can play between 8 and 8, but you can also try to complete the heroic version in solo.

More rewards

  • It became clear that the players had just signed up and set out to kill the first 4 hunters.
  • This made the match for the remaining players very difficult.
  • That’s why they increased the reward when you complete mining.
  • The decrease in the number of first four hunters and the increases of the second four. The total amount is the same but the extraction process becomes a bit more complicated.

More countermeasures

If you look at this in TU16 they add more countermeasures. You can read more notes in the PTS patch notes.

Then the numbers and numbers are up.

Kick Prevention

This change will come into effect next year and take effect next year.

The feature has been disabled to prevent players from being kicked by the party manager before and during extraction.

They’ve heard the concerns during the PTS phases, but they want to get more feedback first, so they’re going to make some changes.

Countdown Trailer

Countdown already has its own trailer:

You are the only reseller.

The new legendary difficulties are always difficult.

Strongholds Tidal Pool and Manning National Zoo are both hard to find.

PTS Changes

  • The Picaros case has generated a lot of feedback. There will be some changes with TU 16.1 (
    • In phase three, 20% weapon damage was added and all bonuses were too strong.
    • For PTS, but trying the problem is the root reason, resulting in the failure of this problem a lot of time. Sometimes in phase 1 and phase two they go one way and try to find common ground.

Reduced Exotic drops accepted.

TU16 brings new Exotic drops to the game and has posted a drop rate chart on the Known Issues board.

*Exotic Drop Chances****

They know drop rates seem low, especially when they’re around 0.0%, but by adding drop chance on every NPC in the game, you can buy an Exotic drop from red NPCs random in the open world. Don’t get that pinch of new Exotics, but it does create random hits in normal gameplay.

Well update the official patch notes, but I don’t know if the post has been updated.

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