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New Delhi [India], October 30 (ANI / Oswaal Books): With the release of the ICSE ISC Semester 1 2021-22 Board Examination Date Sheet, students are under a lot of pressure on how to run the entire science curriculum and math within 20 days. You should be familiar with the program posted on the official website. Once you learn about it, only you can plan your preparation within 20 days.
Strategy to prepare for math in 20 days
For the Mathematics Exam for Class 10, three units are coming for Semester 1, namely Business Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry.
To boost your preparation during these 20 days, you must first focus on quadratic equations, arithmetic progression, and similarity.
These three chapters have equal weight and the highest among others. Therefore, they must be completed in the first place.
Try to complete these chapters within 7 days so that you can focus on other chapters as well.
After that, you can opt for linear inequalities, ratio and proportion, remainder theorem and matrices. They also include equal weight and will cover most of your B section.
Ultimately, you can opt for the GST and Banking chapters as you will only encounter their questions for 1 point or 2 points and they are relatively easy.
By moving this way, you can easily complete your math program in 20 days.
Note: Make sure that you are not solving all the problems in the book and that you are only solving selective problems, as you only have time for the exam.
Likewise, a full preparation approach could be followed for MCQ topics based on the ISC Semester 1 2021-22 board exams.
Cognitive review tools to learn faster and retain longer
ICSE ISC MCQ Class 10 and 12 sample samples are recommended to gain confidence during real-time examination and to correctly decode the examination pattern.
We need to look for cognitive exam prep tools to get exam ready concept learning. For example, one page review notes for each chapter, mind maps for quick learning, video learning to learn faster and remember longer. Tips and tricks to fix problems faster will be a proven strategy.
Most likely multiple choice questions
Look current, as there is the absence of all of this study stuff in one book, Oswaal ICSE ISC QCM Class 10 and 12 sample specimens for semester 1 exams is recommended as the book contains all the tools cognitive exam discussed above with most likely reframed MCQs from PYQs, all official study stuff focused on the Semester 1 exam.
If you want to practice chapter by subject for the ICSE ISC Semester 1 2021-22 board exams, you can use the Oswaal ICSE ISC QCM question banks.

Here is the recommended link for Oswaal ICSE MCQs Specimen Sample Papers Class 10 For Semester 1 Board Exams 2021-22:
ISC Class 10 MCQ Sample Set for Semester 1 2021-22 Board Exams:
Strategy to prepare for Science in 20 days
The ICSE 2021 Board of Directors Exam for Science is already divided into three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In physics you have to prepare three units viz. Strength, work, power and energy, light and sound.
You must first prepare the “chapter of sound” for your exam of the ICSE 2021 Board of Directors, as this unique chapter is of great importance in your exam.
After that, you need to devote a generous amount of time to units 1 and 2 as they have the highest weight. Moreover, they also include several chapters that you cannot leave at all costs.
When preparing for physics, you can mix it with a chemistry or biology chapter so that after 10 days you are done with almost 40-50% of the program.
For chemistry, you need to prepare 6 units in total, which you can check on the official website. Go for the Mole concept and electrolysis first for the preparation.
Without a doubt, the concept of mole is a big chapter, but it is very striking because you only need to know the correct formula to easily solve the number. After that, go for electrolysis and other small chapters.
Small chapters have great power to increase your entire score, and they are also easy to cover up.
But, on the other hand, for biology you only need to focus on two units, namely basic biology and plant physiology.
You can devote time to these units by spending a few days on Physics and a few days on Chemistry. This will help cover the entire program over time.
Focus on English – This means both language and literature. Make your English your greatest strength. When it comes to literature, try to be detailed and categorical about the character sketches. Engrave the character in your mind in whatever way suits you so that you can summarize it as needed. Always pursue the central theme, whether it’s plays, a short story, or even a character revolving around a particular scene. This will give you the basics to build when writing a response.
With ICSE Board Exam 2021, make sure of the formats. Get your letter writing, resume writing and other structured writing formats, down. Practice writing a number of times to get it right. With understanding, take your time to read it carefully as it does half the work for you and you can answer your English ICSE Board Exam 2021 paper faster and more consistently.
Key Updates and Additional Expectations: –

Find the CISCE instructions in detail at
1. As per the revised ICSE ISC Class 10 and 12 date sheet for Semester 1 board exams, ICSE board exams start from November 29, 21 and ISC 12th board exams start from November 22.
2. As concluded from the ICSE ISC date sheet for board exams based on semester 1 MCQs, a reading time of 10 minutes is provided, excluding time for attempting an exam. time.
3. ICSE ISC Semester 1 Board exams must be in offline mode, with MCQ exams based on OMR.
4. Expected Extra Update – Like CBSE, an extra circle is used in OMR in case the students circle the wrong option, so that students can cross the wrong answer and fill in the correct option in the extra circle provided in OMR. Likewise, the CISCE OMR update could be expected.
5. The main subjects of CFSI and ISC resulted in sufficient time gap in the date sheet for Semester 1 counseling based on MCQs. For example, in ICSE 10TH Board Sem 1, Maths given a 3 day time interval, chemistry given a 4 day interval according to the ICSE ISC revised date sheet for Semester 1 Board exams .
6. You have already received the update for 2 Sample Articles for History and English-1 in the ICSE Boards. In accordance with the modifications made to the witness paper of the history of the board of directors of the ICSE, the 2-point MCQs have been replaced by 1-point MCQs. Likewise, in English-I: MCQs of 0.5, 2 and 5 points are replaced by MCQs of 1 point. Since the MCQ scores were reduced to 1, the number of MCQs increased in both copies.
7. Each candidate registered and confirmed to sit for the 2022 exam of the ICSE must take: the exam of semester 1 which will be held in November / December 2021 and the exam of semester 2 which will be held in March / April 2022.
8. It is mandatory for a candidate to take these two exams to qualify for certification for the 2022 exam of the ICSE.
9. Candidates must clearly write their unique identity document (unique identification number) and their index number on the first page of the Question-Cum-Answer booklet in the space provided for this purpose. All entries on the Question-Cum-Answer booklet must be made ONLY with a black / blue ink pen.
10. Candidates who take the exam will receive a computer generated score sheet. This score sheet will only indicate the marks obtained by the candidates in each subject / test they took for the exam of semester 1. The overall result, that is to say – Certificate of achievement awarded / Certificate of achievement not awarded / Eligible for the compartment exam, will only be declared after the completion of the semester 2 exam.
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