Council selects CPST projects for pricing

NEWBERRY – Newberry County Council has selected ten projects to be sent to Alliance Consulting Engineering to receive preliminary cost estimates for said projects. These will serve as potential sales tax drafts for county-sponsored capital projects.

Here are the 10 projects with a brief description of each, there will be more details on the projects if and when they are presented to the CPST Commission. The following information was provided by the county in previous meetings and interviews.

1. Downtown Amphitheater

This project was presented to council by the Newberry Opera House and is also a sponsored project by the Town of Newberry. This would include the construction of an amphitheater and an option on a parcel of land adjacent to the site to improve and serve Newberry County residents. The proposed site is in downtown Newberry between McKibben and Caldwell streets. This site is two acres. With COVID-19 conditions, this site can accommodate 1,300 visitors, without 3,000.

The amphitheater will need to have an elevated stage above the floodplain and informal seating on the upward slope from Tench Street to Main Street, to make the site usable.

2. County Council IT/Network/Security Improvements

The purpose of this project will be to improve the equipment and circuits of the courthouse network, which will improve internal operations. This enhancement will also allow remote access to courthouse documents currently available.

3. Improvements and extension of Mawsons Way

This is a new road approximately 2,400 LF, designed to create a second entrance/exit to the Newberry County Industrial Park at 1-26 and SC Highway 219. This new road would not only open new sites development, it would make the park safer for the approximately 2,100 people who work in the park every day. A second entrance would not only reduce much of the current traffic on existing Mawsons Road, it would improve truck traffic through the park and make access to the SC 219 Freeway safer for both right-turners on the SC 219 freeway and for those who turn. to the left.

4. New Detention Center

Sheriff Lee Foster and Capt. Daniel Floyd said there were still issues passing inspections at the county detention center.

Minimum estimates suggest the new facility would cost between $20 million and $30 million, over time the costs could increase. The SC Department of Corrections has not officially communicated to Newberry County that a new detention is to be built. There have been subtle hints that one is imminent. According to the county, they are having a very hard time passing their inspection and that of the State Fire Marshal.

While this project is on the list, the county has a cap on the project of $6 million. Karen Brehmer, deputy county administrator, said they were checking to see if this project was on the CPST list and approved, if they could use the money for renovations to the current detention center if they couldn’t. build a new one.

5. 10 water tanks – water points for fire protection

This project would be water points for fire protection and would involve the installation of 50,000 gallon underground water tanks to improve fire protection.

Four remaining unfinished locations for the Consolidated Fire District of the previous CPST: Brazelmans Bridge Road, Dogwalla Road, Leitzey Road, Indian Creek Substation.

Other locations:

• Substation account.

• Belfast Substation.

• Stoney Hill substation.

• Graham Road and New Hope.

• Livingston Road.

• Dillenger Road.

• Old Whitmire/Felker-Setzler Road.

• Peak area.

6. Raised Water Tank at SC Hwy 773 and I-26

Due to high growth and low water pressure in the area around the intersection of SC 773 and 1-26, a new elevated water reservoir in the area is required. This has been a pressing need for several years as new businesses have moved into this area and put additional pressure on the water supply system. There is also a new 100 house development coming up in this area which will put additional pressure on the water system. Installing this elevated water tank would improve pressure for all users in the area and improve firefighting capability. It would also reduce site development costs for new businesses, as some are currently required to build expensive fire suppression systems due to low pressures and volumes. Reducing site development costs for new businesses will increase Newberry County’s chances of attracting these future investments.

7. New facility for friendly fire department

The location of this new facility will be at the training ground. The new structure would house the friendly fire department and rescue squad, rescue emergency operations center, training meeting room, full kitchen, sleeping quarters and offices.

This facility would also include a driving/parking area for driver training.

8. Roof replacement and HVAC upgrades at Newberry Museum

The Newberry Museum is proposing a project involving major infrastructure and facility repairs to its historic building; namely, roof replacement (with internal gutter) and HVAC upgrades. These much-needed improvements would significantly improve the well-being of our visitors and our collections. Since receiving the certificate of occupancy in August 2019, the museum has experienced repeated incidents of water intrusion. Leaks have occurred both from cracks in the tiled roof, as well as from our internal gutter system which allows water intrusion. It is important to note that our roof, including the internal gutter, is 110 years old and over the years has undergone extensive patching. As the roof and the internal gutter work as a single entity, they both need to be repaired for a lasting change. The museum building has also had ongoing issues with its HVAC since it received CO and entered the building. Their fundamental problem is that of a lack of regulation from the point of view of temperature and humidity. The aforementioned lack of stability at these two ends lends itself to poor condition of the collections as well as general visitor dissatisfaction. The museum often exhibits items made from incredibly delicate materials, such as our wedding dress exhibits, which are easily influenced by fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

9. Community hall roof replacement/basement upgrade

The roof of the community hall needs to be replaced. The basement also needs attention. This project has already been included in the general building capital repair fund budget as an item of need. Unfortunately, other repairs took priority. This item has been around $200,000 over the past few years for all major repairs. Although he might have been included in the planned projects, something else had to take precedence.

10. Newberry County Parks and Recreation Complex (football fields, central washroom facility, concessions, etc., gymnasium with office/conference space)

The purpose of this project is to meet a growing demand for sports (particularly football to begin with), recreation and recreation (both active and passive) programs while improving the well-being of county residents through the promotion of community life. Physical Activity and Building a Sense of Community. Completion of this project will provide exterior and interior options that will enhance opportunities for year-round educational and instructional offerings, enable enhanced community partnerships, promote resident health and well-being while attracting tourists to experience all that Newberry County has to offer.

The scope of the project includes the construction of four full-size grass soccer fields with irrigation, lighting and spectator space. The project also includes the construction of a centrally located facility to house the toilets, the concession area, space for the marker(s) and personnel for on-field monitoring as well as the storage of the ‘equipment. The project will also include the construction of an indoor recreational/educational facility which will include a full size gymnasium with seating for spectators, a large conference room for trainings/meetings and dedicated office space for parks and recreation staff. (five offices plus a work/break room). The complex will also contain a skate park, dog park, playground, paved walking/jogging paths, picnic shelters and shade structures, as well as dedicated space for local festival vendors. in a vast scenic landscape designed to attract both community members and tourists.

The Council chose to add this project to its list of the ten most important projects to see how much it would cost. However, they expressed the desire to eventually carry out a joint project with the town of Newberry to add soccer fields to their recreational complex.

Once Alliance Consulting Engineering returns the projects with costs, the board will decide which projects to sponsor and send to the CPST Commission. The final slate the board chooses to sponsor is yet to be determined.

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