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Crowdfunding loans are a type of financing whose nature is basically that a multitude of lenders agrees, thanks to an online crowdfunding platform, to lend money to an individual lender, who can be a natural or legal person. 

When an individual or company needs money they can go to the tech-financial alternatives of crowdfunding credit, in its different variants. In addition to the loan crowdfunding or crowdlending, the crowdfunding loan in strict terms, there is the crowdfunding of capital or equity crowdfunding, the crowdfunding of rewards and that of donations.

Loan crowdfunding or crowdlending is a personal or mortgage loan granted by small and professional investors to a person or company, which is obliged to return the borrowed capital and interest within a certain period. Normally comprehensive periodic installments of principal and interest are paid. The loan crowdfunding platform, which must be registered as a participatory financing platform, is responsible for managing contracts and managing payments and collections. It is, therefore, an intermediary between many lenders and a borrower.

Through a crowdfunding loan, also called crowdlending loans

Through a crowdfunding loan, also called crowdlending loans

It is possible to get money to reform our home, go on a trip, organize our wedding, start a new startup company, finance a new business line or buy industrial machinery. In the future, it is likely that a crowdfunding mortgage can be applied to unify debts, buy a home or acquire business premises.

Capital crowdfunding or equity crowdfunding is a type of financing technology that allows companies and entrepreneurs to get money from many investors willing to risk their money in the project or business, in exchange for shares or shares of the company. A crowdfunding loan that is not returned paying interest, but through the profitability that future dividends can offer and the increased value of the limited liability company.

Artists, creators or scientists can ask for money through a type of crowdfunding loan that does not involve paying interest or offering business returns, but the artistic, creative or scientific work itself: the crowdfunding of rewards. If we are looking for money to finance the edition of a movie, a book or a scientific study, the crowdfunding of rewards may be the “loan” crowdfunding we need. 

Far more distant from the concept of loan, but not from asking for money, is the crowdfunding of donations: non-profit organizations that finance their solidarity or altruistic projects with the collective donations of many crowdfunding donors. 

We compare the best crowdfunding loans so that you get the cheapest money possible for your personal, artistic, scientific, professional or business projects.

Types of Crowdfunding Loans

Types of Crowdfunding Loans

Asking money can be done using different formulas As for the types of crowdfunding loans, we find:

Crowdfunding loans for individuals. A natural person or company that needs money for different personal purposes, be they leisure (going on a trip), family investments (such as buying a car), consumption or refinancing of other debts.

Crowdfunding loans for entrepreneurs, usually freelancers who want to start a new business with growth potential. As an advantage of this modality of techno-financial credit is that if the business is a technological startup, of creation or of some type of activity sought by the crowdfunding platform, it will be easier to get money than to go to a bank. It is necessary to assess whether it is more worthwhile to go to the crowdfunding of capital, instead of a collective loan.

Crowdfunding loans for businesses in operation, which ask for money in the short, medium or long term to finance their working capital needs, start a new line of activity or acquire fixed assets or information equipment, among other purposes.

Crowdfunding mortgage loans

mortgage loans

A type of home equity loan that has not yet arrived in Spain, but one way or another will end up arriving. Both companies and individuals may seek alternatives to banking, if they need the money and put a property under guarantee. Crowdfunding loans that can be obtained under more advantageous conditions than current crowdfunding personal loans.

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May 2, 2019