Deliver Us Mars will take us beyond the Moon for a sci-fi sequel

KeokeN and publisher Frontier Foundry have announced Deliver Us Mars, a sequel to the amospheric indie adventure and puzzle game Deliver Us The Moon released in 2019. Deliver Us Mars is in development for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.


Set 10 years after Deliver Us The Moon’s Fortuna mission, a new protagonist and her companion drone find themselves similarly stranded on the Red Planet after their ship crashes. The drone will be a familiar friend to players of the original, as will the game’s approach to a relatively grounded take on sci-fi storytelling and environmental confusing gameplay. There are new gameplay mechanics for the sequel, like a new climbing system to more easily traverse Martian terrain.

“Joining forces with Frontier Foundry allows KeokeN Interactive to fully achieve the goals and ambitions we have set for ourselves. Deliver us Marssays KeokeN Interactive co-founders Koen and Paul Deetman. “We are extremely excited about this partnership, knowing that the sci-fi specialists at Frontier are looking over our shoulder.”

KeokeN says you won’t need to have played the original, as this adventure is self-contained, although it’s obviously helpful to know the setting and background of the original. The Deliver Us games are set in a future where Earth’s resources have been depleted, but have been bolstered by the discovery of a possible new method of power generation on the Moon. When that resource is suddenly cut off, Deliver Us The Moon features the Fortuna mission, a last ditch attempt to reach the Moon, find out what happened, and try to restore power to Earth. There were a few unresolved narrative threads at the end of the game that I’m sure Deliver Us Mars will be looking to explore.

The game launched on PC in late 2019, then came to PS4 and Xbox One in April 2020. We reviewed the console version of the game, with Tom saying in our Deliver Us The Moon review:

“Deliver Us The Moon really surprised me. It’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s a fantastic sci-fi thriller that kept me hooked throughout. Deliver Us The Moon is a stellar experience that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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