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We had a whole week to talk about “Wait, is that an alligator?”

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At some point in 2020, I became very obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and watched all of the movies from start to finish. Now i have crossed WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki, and I can’t wait What if…?

At the same time, I’ve heard rumors that Charlie Cox might appear in the next She-Hulk as Matt Murdoch / Daredevil, so I’m trying for the third time to finally consume the entirety of Netflix Defenderverse so that I can myself. to prepare. With Loki’s multiversal shenanigans, it’s likely the whole thing will soon be declared canon (ish) so I might as well.

To be fair, though… I think Disney + does the series format better than Netflix when it comes to releases. Netflix typically offloads you an entire season at a time, while Disney + always sticks to a weekly schedule. At first I found it maddening when WandaVision and The Mandalorian would end on cliffhangers. Now? I think it’s genius.

Every week I got excited that there was this new episode on Disney + that I could watch. It was like a gift, something small and wonderful and, above all, easy to digest. There seems to be a determined feeling that burning the audience would be a bad thing.

On top of that, the Disney + format leads to a much better speech. When I finished an episode of Loki, I would immediately head to ScreenCrush on YouTube for an expert opinion on all the little Easter Eggs and the implications I might have missed. This is something you can take the time for when you only do one episode per week. Or, who could forget the week all the fans wanted to talk about was the Lokigator? There was room to really rehearse this discussion because she wasn’t buried in the middle of a 12 hour frenzy.

Disney + seems designed with breaks in mind. Netflix shows almost challenge you to sit on your couch and not move for four hours, and honestly, that kind of ruins it. There is so little time to actually process what you are watching because you are always running to catch up.

And, there is so much to catch up on. The Defenderverse is thirteen long seasons with episodes of almost an hour. When I look at how far I am, I don’t think “I have so much more!” I think, “God, there is so much more to this, and I’m never going to get out of it!”

It’s a feeling I never had when I first started the MCU. Yes, the whole run will take a long time (around 70 hours including shows), but again, everything is designed to avoid burnout. You spend two hours in a WWII period action movie, two more hours in a space opera, then two more in a junkyard movie, and so on. The MCU is a buffet that wants you to taste everything.

Netflix is ​​more like a store that only sells different kinds of chocolate cakes. All the cakes are good, but after a while you just want crazy cookies. Sure, you can take breaks and watch something else, but you’re still watching (checking math) about 120 hours of superhero “homework” to do to fully enjoy whatever buffet you’d rather be in.

I appreciate the Defenderverse. It’s well done and conceptually brilliant. That said, it tires me in a way the MCU never has. As frustrating as the wait can be at times, Disney has mastered the art of not tiring audiences.

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