Drama between science fiction and poetry to discover on Prime Video

After unveiling the metaphysical fantasy of “Otter Ring” last month, this May 20 Prime Video presents Towards the Stars (“Night Sky” in vo), the highly anticipated sci-fi drama. With such acting and such a mysterious plot, the project promised to be very exciting for fans of the genre, especially since the few images unveiled in recent weeks promised a great show. Behind the camera, we find the Argentine director Juan Jose Campanella, with a prestigious biography, who notably won the Oscar for best foreign film in 2010, for the film “Dance His Eyes”. As for co-creator Daniel C. Connolly, he has already co-written and produced several series, including “Colony” and “Into the Badlands”.

In an intimate setting, To the Stars tells the story of Franklin and Erin York. Years ago, this retired couple discovered a buried antechamber in their garden, leading to a strange desert planet, and they carefully kept their secret. But when a mysterious young man enters her life, York’s quiet existence is quickly turned upside down…

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