Elon Musk to build futuristic Noah’s Ark to help colonize Mars


As usual, TIME sat down with this year’s winner for a long profile, which covers everything from broadcast Musk’s dreams. VE adoption, his views on vaccine mandates and whether it is “right” for a man to be worth billions of dollars when millions of people around the world lack food or clean water, and his hopes to colonize Mars. We will now focus on this last item in the list.

Among the reasons TIME chose Musk as the recipient of the Person of the Year award, there is his “To aspire[ation] to save our planet and provide us with a new one to inhabit. Well, that, and the poo tweet, which, while juvenile, is something few other people in his rank would even dare to consider.

And the magazine is right, Musk plans to take us to another planet, as anyone who has followed the developments at SpaceX knows. NASA, according to the magazine, has more or less “abdicated” its leadership position in space exploration, giving way to Musk. EVs may be his passion and his biggest source of income, but it’s space travel that turns him on the most.

Musk says he’s convinced the first Mars landing should take place within the next five years. After that, colonization will take place, resulting in what he calls the first “self-sufficient city” on the Red Planet. SpaceX will then be sending animals there, as Musk is very serious about relocating the human race to another planet, since we’ve already pretty much destroyed the one we currently occupy.

“The overall objective has been to make life multiplanetary and allow humanity to become a space civilization” Musk said. “And the next really big step is to build a self-sustaining city on Mars and bring the animals and creatures of Earth there. A bit like a futuristic Noah’s ark. We’ll bring more than two, though – it’s a little weird if there are only two.

He makes a valid point. Pairs of twos might have worked for Noah, but Musk can’t afford to lose half a pair on the way or, you know, make him refuse to mate. This detail, funny as it sounds, proves that Musk is serious about his colonization plans – and has been for a very long time.

Until that happens, Musk and his SpaceX will continue to work hard to continue space exploration. “I think we can do a loop around the moon maybe as early as 2023”, Musk casually remarks in the same interview.

To catch up with Musk and see what makes him such a fascinating public figure, here’s the video that accompanies his Time Magazine profile.


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