Farscape actress Claudia Black once gave young James McAvoy advice on acting in the genre


With the release of the last Dune adaptation, fans remember all of the previous incarnations of the Atreids that have come to life onscreen in the past. One of the best screen adaptations involves a SciFi miniseries from Children of Dune (the third book in the series) with a young James McAvoy. The actor has since played other legendary figures in science fiction and fantasy – including a turn as a young Charles Xavier in the X Men movies. Over the years, McAvoy has played many dramatic roles, but he always goes back to his genre roots. And it turns out that James McAvoy got some great advice from another genre veteran early in his career – a Claudia Black from Distant landscape Fame.

James McAvoy recalls advice from early career

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In a recent interview with Slashfilm, James McAvoy recalled that he played Leto Atreides II in the Children of Dune mini-series. When asked if he had any advice for actor Timothée Chalamet who plays Paul Atréides in the new Dune movie, the actor remembered the advice Black gave him so long ago.

“I’ll tell you what a really good piece of advice that was given to me once was the cast of… Farscape.” And that was at the Los Angeles premiere of Children of Dune. And they told me the thing about science fiction is you have to believe in it more than you think in good writing. Good writing, you can just do it. It’s easier. But this stuff is hard, because it’s so crazy, you know what I mean? And I really, I always remembered that advice and took it to heart. It really kept me going, through a lot of science fiction and fantasy work that I did. Because Claudia Black said it. And I think that’s just good advice for any actor doing any kind of sci-fi and / or fantasy, you know?

A legend of the genre

Claudia Black Farscape Image via Syfy

Actress Claudia Black played Aeryn Sun in Distant landscape, which aired on the SciFi channel from 1999 to 2003, around the time when Children of Dune broadcast on the network. In the years that followed, she made a name for herself as a voiceover actress. She brought iconic characters like Morrigan from the Dragon age games, as well as characters Mass Effect trilogy. Black recently starred in the sci-fi series Final space.

Black took to Twitter to respond to James McAvoy’s comments. And she seems positively thrilled that he remembers her words for so many years. She also explained what it is like to be a woman in Hollywood, aging with roles that suit her perfectly.

Claudia Black is happy to remember

Claudia Black James McAvoy Actress Claudia Black
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Black spoke of how it felt to be forgotten and belittled as a single mom in a cut-throat industry. Black said that “reading that I had made an impact; somehow cut through the noise somehow. That someone I respected had heard me, meant the world to me. It’s even pathetic to admit it. But life becomes very small for women who have children. Even smaller for single moms.

It’s the kind of healthy celebrity interaction we love to see here at Comic Years. We know that James McAvoy does our daily routine every time he appears on screen. And we’re happy that he also made Claudia Black’s day.

Most recent Dune The film is now in theaters and on HBO Max. But if you’re interested in seeing a young James McAvoy running around shirtless and crashing through the dry Arrakis Desert, be sure to check out the Children of Dune miniseries if you can get your hands on it. It might also be a good time to review Distant landscape, and remember the radiance of Claudia Black. Now if only we could bring these two together in one project …

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