Frustration of theater groups over the continued closure of the Jersey Opera House

Jersey theater groups remain disappointed and frustrated by the continuous closure of the Opera.

The Gloucester Street site is currently closed due to maintenance issues and, according to its board of directors, it would not be safe to open to the public in its current state.

The Jersey government had allocated £ 2.2million for renovations 10 months ago, as part of a funding program to stimulate the local economy during the pandemic.

However, since then little progress has been made in moving the restoration project forward.

This means that theater groups like the Jersey Green Room Club must present their shows in alternative venues.

Their latest show ‘Ghost the Musical’ is presented at the Royal Trinity Showground, which presented a few challenges.

The continued closure is also affecting the morale of local artists who say they miss performing at this iconic venue.

The Performing Arts Development Group (PADG) has written open letters complaining to the government about the delays, which means the theater is going not be able to reopen before September 2022.

Opera director Jasmine Hendry resigned in October, after more than 15 years in the post.

But the group is now hoping for progress following a meeting with the government.

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