Futurist says immortality for humans is possible



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A leading futurist expressed his belief that the immortality of humans is possible with the help of “science fiction style” solutions to death.

Tom Cheesewright believes such solutions could challenge what we currently know and believe about end of life, instead offering ways to “live forever”.

Cheesewright was trained as an engineer and now describes himself as an applied futurist, using predictions of what’s to come to help inform the way we live our lives.

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In his view, the key to immortality lies in technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) robots, as he predicts that technological solutions could one day allow us “to introduce our consciousness ”in devices.

The methods would not tackle the aging of the body, but rather focus on life through a machine.

I’m very excited as a sci-fi fan about the prospect of living forever, whether as a robot or in virtual reality.

I think in many ways this sounds like – although we’re far from being able to do it – the most achievable form of extreme life extension.

These are the ones that really turn me on, not only because they create a very fertile ground for science fiction, but because they keep pace with the technological change that seems most achievable.

Cheesewright admitted that we are “a long way from being able to fully recreate the human experience inside a computer”, but ultimately said he believed “it was possible”.

The process would involve having to “download software from your whole body and recreate it in a way the brain deems plausible.” Reproducing the whole body “inside a machine” is, however, “an extremely complex proposition that we are very far from reaching,” said the futurist.

Considering how dizzy I put on a VR headset, I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with machines full of humans anytime soon.


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