Futuristic Fortnite Battle Bus spotted under construction at Universal Studios, Hollywood


A real Fortnite Battle Bus comes to life on the City Walk at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Leaked images surfaced on Twitter earlier today and while Epic Games has not acknowledged any collaboration with Universal Studios, it is only a matter of time before the truth is revealed.

Fortnite is certainly one of the most popular Battle Royale titles the world has seen in quite some time. A collaboration between Universal Studios and Fortnite could mean a lot and the community is busy guessing what it will be.

From Tiktok dances to Marvel, Fortnite has collaborated with both real life and real life. It could be the next big thing in Fortnite, and gamers could get a taste of the game outside of their PCs or consoles.

What can the Battle Bus in Hollywood mean for Fortnite?

Fortnite players may be wondering what the Battle Bus in front of Universal Studios could mean for the game. While there is tons of speculation, the most likely is a movie.

After nearly five years of the title and the massive popularity Fortnite has gained around the world, it seems fitting that a Fortnite movie is finally coming out.

A walk in a theme park is also not out of the question. Universal Studios can get extremely creative with this option and provide a ride unlike anything the community has ever witnessed.

With all the different collaborations, it seems fitting that Epic Games is trying to take Fortnite to the next level where no game title has ever ventured to this scale.

A leaked Fortnite Twitter account shed light on the matter and it looks like Epic Games is celebrating the upcoming Fortnitemares event with a cosplay outfit at Universal Studios Hollywood.

You can visit the Battle Bus and Fortnite cosplay characters at Universal CityWalk, next to Universal Studios Hollywood. Different characters will appear throughout the month, with special appearances of new Fortnitemares characters the day they go live in the Item Shop! https://t.co/dTZUlUKobE

It could also mean that the Item Shop will receive character-inspired monster outfits owned by Universal Studios at the next Halloween event. Frankenstein might be the best choice for this unique crossover.

Fortnite players will have to wait a few more days before the truth behind this adventure is finally revealed.

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