Geely takes on Tesla Semi with futuristic electric transporter Homtruck


The commercial vehicle arm of Chinese auto giant Geely has unveiled a semi-truck concept called Homtruck slated for production in early 2024, and has a powertrain that can run on swappable batteries, an extender of autonomy or a methanol hybrid.

At this stage of development, no information is available on the key performance specs for rival Tesla Semi, but Geely’s Farizon Auto has provided some details on the kind of experience drivers can expect from the sleek semi-truck of the future. .

Aiming to make the Homtruck a kind of home for people who spend a lot of time in their trucks, the designers included an in-cabin refrigerator, hot beverage preparation facilities between driver and passenger, wet bath with shower and toilet, as well as a place to sleep at night.

The windshield seamlessly points to a panoramic roof, and the concept uses soft-touch fabrics, durable plastic, and bamboo for the cabin’s material palette. There’s an expansive digital instrument cluster surrounding the driver’s field of vision that includes 360-degree camera feeds and a heads-up display.

The cabin houses a single berth sleeping area and a shower / toilet cubicle, shown here open but there is a wrap-around privacy screen


The steering wheel has its own central touchscreen that displays vehicle information and is used to activate autonomous driving modes – the L4 autonomous system uses LiDAR, radars and cameras scattered throughout the vehicle. And there appears to be a wireless charging nook for mobile gadgets.

Farizon Auto even included an exterior kitchen block accessible via a flip-up panel on the side of the truck – complete with a sink and induction hob, plus space for utensils, plates, and bowls – and a small cooking machine. wash on the other side to keep company clothes cool.

Geely’s commercial vehicle branch indicates that the modular powertrain architecture can be optioned with items such as an electric / methanol hybrid system, an unspecified range extender (possibly a hydrogen fuel cell) or a pure electric heater using an exchange option that complies with recently published government standards. . The concept also appears to use solar panels on the roof of the trailer to help gain a bit more electric range when trucking on the highway.

A sliding side panel reveals a built-in kitchen block for roadside dining

A sliding side panel reveals a built-in kitchen block for roadside dining


Engineers reportedly spent some time studying the needs of drivers and fleet operators to improve transportation efficiency through the implementation of hardware and software, as well as 5G and V2X capabilities. The Homtruck’s “brain” is designed to analyze traffic data using the vehicle’s suite of sensors to assess optimal routes, it can connect “to big data platforms in the logistics network to assist drivers. to get the most optimal orders in real time, analyze and track deliveries, and calculate operating costs along routes “, and can also track energy consumption, inform the driver of the best routes for refueling or recharging, etc.

The Homtruck currently only appears to exist in sleek renderings and an even smoother video – which can be seen below – although production is expected to begin in 2024, and CNBC reports that the semi-truck will be available. on international markets as well as in its home ground.

The Ultimate Commercial Vehicle – Geely’s HOMTRUCK from Farizon Auto

Source: Geely

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