Halo’s Computer-Aided Guns Could Be A Reality

Two gun accessory makers are working on a new telemetry system that could add Halo-style computer assistance to real-world weapons.

Two real-world gun parts makers strive to bring some of the futuristic elements of Halo‘s guns in reality. The long-running sci-fi FPS series from Microsoft and 343 Industries has housed several high-profile weapons over the years, ranging from powerful sniper rifles capable of downing an enemy with a single shot to intense laser beams. The recent Infinite Halo added even more of these blasters to the Master Chief’s arsenal, along with useful new tools like Halo Infinite Spider-Man type grappling hook and deflector blocking grenades.

As with most video games, Halo vast assortment of guns comes with many useful features that don’t exist in the real world – at least not yet. In Halo, players know how much ammo they have left by a number on their heads-up display, and they don’t have to worry about factors like bullet drop or the recoil that inevitably occurs when a gun is drawn in the real world. These features seem to be forever trapped in the realm of gaming and sci-fi, but a few companies are currently working on a new weapon mod that could render some of the high-tech features of Halo weapons a reality.


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According to Task and objective, gun parts makers Maztech and Magpul debuted what they call the X4 fire control system at this weekend’s SHOT Show 2022 event. As seen in a brief trailer posted on MagpulThe Official X4 YouTube Channel, The X4 Fire Control System is a suite of electronics that can be fitted to any low power variable optic rifle to add intelligent computer aided functionality and data feed useful, including the number of remaining ammo. the pistol. This also includes an optical mount and laser-assisted aiming module that collects distance and direction data to let the user know exactly where their target is and compensate for bullet drop, digitally integrated magazines that feed information to the LED screen of the X4, and a keyboard control. However, Task and objective note that the X4 can be quite heavy and awkward when equipped, the turn count display went off when demonstrating the X4’s capabilities and battery life could be a factor in the practicality of the device.

See the original video on YouTube here.

There have been many attempts to create real life versions of video game weapons like Halo futuristic weapons or The God of War mystical Leviathan Axe, but these have mostly consisted of props used for cosplay purposes. During this time, Halo fans are currently diving into Infinite Halo both in its single-player campaign and its classic multiplayer shootouts, including this week’s Cyber ​​Showdown event – which allows them to unlock special cosmetic items like the cool but slightly off-center Neon Screen Visor.

Halo weapons are currently the product of science fiction, but the steady advancement of technology continues to bring concepts once considered impossible into the real world. This appears to be true with Maztech and Magpul’s state-of-the-art X4 fire control system, which aims to add Halofrom style computer features to modern firearms.

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Source: Task and objective, Magpul/YouTube

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