Here’s how the BWW i4 compares to the Tesla Model 3

The world of electric vehicles is on a fast track to advancement. With automakers around the world launching fully electric vehicles one by one, it’s only a matter of time to see electric motors completely replace gas-guzzling ones.

BmwThe recent creation of, the i4, is above all a German sports car by nature. It takes all the design elements that a BMW stands for and makes it bolder and more radical. While some BMW fans might not like the design, especially the massive grille, the i4 certainly looks like a BMW.

This sporty new four-door EV has plenty of competitors to contend with, including Tesla’s Model 3. With an older production lineup, the Model 3 had more time to work on its flaws and imperfections. However, no one can underestimate the craftsmanship of a century-old automaker like BMW. Without further ado, let’s see how the BMW i4 faces off against its biggest rival, the Tesla Model 3.

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The performance of the i4 compared to the model 3: raw numbers cannot guarantee victory

Charging the BMW i4

Compared on paper, the Model 3 Performance may seem superior in some ways to its newly arrived competitor. However, the real-world differences turn the tide in favor of the BMW i4.

The Tesla Model 3 weighs just over 4,000 pounds, while the BMW i4 weighs around 500 to 700 pounds more. Weight plays an important role in the performance, handling and range of an electric vehicle. Additionally, the Model 3 Performance accelerates from idle to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds, according to Tesla. On the other hand, it takes the BMW i4 M50 just under four seconds to reach 60 mph.

With a range of 310 miles, the Model 3 Performance is popular over the range of the BMW i4 (256 miles). In contrast, the BMW i440 offers a range of 300 miles comparable to that of its rival. While both cars offer fast charging technologies, the Tesla Model 3 does a better job supporting up to 250 kW, and the BMW i40 is capable of 200 kW, which is still impressive.

However, the performance benefits of the Tesla Model 3 end there. With the M50 model, you can expect 536 horsepower and 586 lb-ft of torque from the BMW i4. In contrast, the Performance finish of the Tesla Model 3 does not give you more than 450 ponies.

But that’s not all. BMW’s experience in building performance cars is effortlessly exhibited in the i4. With features like active air suspension, adjustable damping and a lift hatch, the BMW i4 offers a driving experience similar to that of the 3 and 4 series. The Tesla Model 3, although it comes with many excellent features, lack of an engaging driving experience that exists perfectly in the spirit of the BMW.

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The design of the i4 offers a more elegant look inside and out

BMW i4 rear view

Both cars feature exciting designs, although they have taken opposing approaches to many elements. The i4 looks bulkier and angrier, while the Model 3 looks sleek and cool. From the front, the Model 3’s grille-less design gives it a distinctive look that doesn’t blend in very easily with other cars. On the flip side, BMW’s drastic approach to endowing the i4 with an obnoxiously large grille also does a number on the car’s front view.

Compared side by side, it’s easy to notice how much Tesla’s minimalist approach was to shaping the lines and curves of the Model 3. While the BMW i4 features a bolder and more expressive design language.

Tesla Model 3 Interior
Via Tesla

Tesla carried over its minimalist design inside the Model 3. Besides the steering wheel and a gigantic infotainment touchscreen dominating the dashboard, everything else is low-key and in the background. Tesla’s design simplicity gives the Model 3 a futuristic look, but we think it’s missing soul.

BMW i4 interior

BMW’s approach to the interior of the i4 features an almost perfect combination of familiar settings and brand-new elements.

With the buttons on the steering wheel and below the infotainment screen, it’s easier to navigate the different menus of the i4. Tesla preferred to compromise on practicality in this matter.

A gigantic panel that stretches in front of the driver to the center of the dashboard contains a display for digital gauges and a touchscreen infotainment system.

Nice touches of carbon fiber here and there for the M trim, and BMW’s generosity manifested in every curve create a sporty atmosphere inside the i4.

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The i4 is a driver’s car


All in all, the BMW i4 can easily stand up to the Tesla Model 3. While many differences between these cars are a matter of preference, we cannot overlook the superiority of the i40 M50’s driving experience over what the Tesla Model S Performance brings to the table. .

The Tesla Model 3 features a more futuristic and conceptual design for the interior and exterior. However, if you are looking for a more familiar and stylish look, you would probably be happier inside a BMW i4.


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