How Jaws’ scene in Back to the Future Part 2 predicted modern blockbusters


And yet, the appeal to most moviegoers and the brilliance of Marvel’s marketing strategy is that they all look the same to an indiscriminate eye. And even for the most discerning, there’s a certain familiarity with the formula, the rhythms of the story, and the ability to wink at audiences at their own silliness. Tonally, they all feel in one piece. This is why the first Shang-Chi The film was greeted with delight by the industry last month as Marvel’s latest blockbuster – a feat which is largely due to the fact that this is the next Marvel film, as opposed to a new original property. without integrated audience.

It was one aspect of the whole series that caused Dune director Denis Villeneuve to suggest that some Marvel films are “cut and paste”. It is also a formula which helps the studio to force its millions of fans to see it “as all connected” and to be encouraged to go see the. The ant Man the sequel that they might otherwise skip in order to find out how her post-credits scene will set up the deus ex machina for Avengers: Endgame.

And this above Black Panther originally had its protagonist introduced in Captain America: Civil War, a Avengers movie under another name. It’s also the only “Cap” movie to exceed $ 1 billion because they stuck Iron Man in it. Likewise, James Gunn Guardians the movies are genuinely author-focused, but they still worked like a multi-year tease Avengers: Infinity War and End of Gamebig bad guy: Thanos. Hell, Infinity warThe trailer’s biggest selling point was seeing the Avengers and Guardians meet for the first time.

The methods and talent used to produce these endless sequels are far more sophisticated and entertaining than the hacking work that produced Jaws: revenge, but then that’s why Jaws only lasted four films and Marvel is already planning its 30th “event” in the next few years.

However, it’s not just about criticizing Marvel. They are quite simply the most successful studio to exploit their intellectual property in the 21st century. Unique to Universal Fast and furious the movies aren’t half bad at this game, however. This summer just saw the 10th movie “Fast Saga” when you count Hobbs and Shaw. And while Vin Diesel claims the 11th mainline Fast and furious the movie will be the last, you just know with its own Avengers-sized cast that Hobbs and Shaw will simply be the first “family” spinoff franchise.

Even Spielberg, who would never have been satisfied with the Jaws sequels and what they did to his first masterpiece, was much more ready to “open” later hits like jurassic park. Deemed to be a hit “smart” entertainment in 1993 that inspired genuine amazement among millions of moviegoers, the fourth sequel to this film (produced by Spielberg, like all sequels) reveled in watching dinosaurs prowl around a room. haunted house, as if they were Frankenstein and Dracula. Next year Jurassic World: Dominion is meant to be the “final” film of the three most recent sequels directed by Chris Pratt, as well as another cast-to-cast from the original 1993 film. Still, it seems doubtful that this is the last film set in this ” universe”.

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