How Legends Ever Gave Star Wars Its Own What If …? Series


Star Wars fans interested in seeing a series similar to Marvel’s What If … can find what they’re looking for in Legends Era Star Wars Infinities.

Fans of the Star wars franchise have expressed interest in the possibility of Star wars multiverse anthology series, similar to What if … from Marvel?, although the Legends era has already done so. The MCU series was based on the 1977 Marvel comic book series what if, which told standalone stories exploring how the Marvel Universe might be different if any detail of a storyline changed. These comics were incredibly popular, and in some cases spawned new fan-favorite comic book series, such as Spider-Girl and the MC2 universe that followed. With the What if…? With television series being so popular, it’s no surprise that a Star wars the equivalent has been requested by some fans.


The Star wars the franchise is an incredibly malleable playground for creatives. Having been inspired by a variety of genres including fantasy, classic sci-fi, samurai movies, and westerns, almost any type of story could fit into the franchise somewhere. Star wars has experienced two major continuities since its creation in 1977 Star wars beginnings: canon and Legends. Legends was the first official continuity, including the original and prequel trilogy films and spinoff material from 1977 through April 2014. Canon includes the original six films of the saga, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and most of the material released after Legends’ renaming in April 2014.

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While Star wars does not have an animated television program equivalent to What if…?, there used to be a comic book series that explored alternate narratives. The Star Wars Infinity The series, which was published from 2001 to 2004, consisted of three mini-series of four issues, each recounting an alternate version of a Star wars original trilogy film. In New hope, Luke’s proton torpedoes only delay the Death Star superweapon instead of destroying the station. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke dies on Hoth before Han can save him. Return of the Jedi defeats Leia and Luke’s plan to save Han Solo.

Each Infinite the miniseries leads to fascinating twists on the classic Star wars movie theater. Leia ends up being trained as a Sith in New hope, as she takes Luke’s place on Dagobah in Empire, completing her training under Yoda and becoming a powerful Jedi. Darth Vader survives the Battle of Endor in the Return of the Jedi story, becoming a Jedi again and wearing a new cybernetic suit that replaces his appearance as a Sith Lord. Infinite told tales of alternate universes based on the continuity of Legends and included traditions and characters from Legends such as Vilmarh Grahrk.

There has never been a Infinite series for one of Star wars prequel trilogy films, unfortunately, although their tragic tales are the perfect fodder for alternate universe tales. What if Qui-Gon fails to free Anakin on Tatooine? How would the Clone Wars have changed if Anakin and Obi-Wan had captured Dooku on Geonosis? What would be the ramifications of Anakin remaining a Jedi and helping Mace Windu defeat Palpatine? A Legends Era Infinities comic book series or a canon animated TV show could tell some compelling prequel-era stories.

If the Star Wars Infinity made a comeback, that would likely only apply to the post-2014 canon universe. This would mean that the stories of the prequel era would mirror the lore of the 2008s. The clone wars, but it would also mean that the Star wars The sequel trilogy and spinoff films could be explored. With the Legends era Star Wars Infinity as his inspiration, a Star wars equivalent to What if…? could tell a plethora of compelling alternate universe stories based on more than just the original trilogy.

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