Inside Indus’ latest episode reveals how the game’s concept is tied to a futuristic India

At the beginning of this year in January, SuperGaming announcement Industry: Battle Royale. A made in India battle royale for the world that will be available for Mobile, PC and Console platforms. Given India’s highly lucrative and rapidly changing game industry, this is a big step for the future. Now the country has a battle royale game of its own, and what’s an added bonus is that the game focuses on showcasing the world with a futuristic version of india. Since the announcement, Indus has been making headlines for various aspects that have been unique to the game. And now, in the latest episode of Inside the Industhe developers revealed all about the concept of Industry: Battle Royale.

Indus: Battle Royale is inspired by the great Indus Valley Civilization and the concept is Indo-Futurism

Indus is a battle royale game that will be available for PC, mobile, and console platforms around the world. Indus developers said that “Indus is a battle royale made in India for the world for mobile, PC and consoles with a 2022 release date. It is developed with the aim of bringing our take on Indian culture with a futuristic twist for gamers around the world .

In the latest episode of Inside Indus, CEO RobyIndus writers, Ankush and Rishi talked about the main underlying theme of the game which is called Indo-Futurism. In the video, the speakers also talk about the theme’s inspiration derived from the great Indus Valley Civilization. They also talked about what could have happened to the Indus Valley Civilization? What if they had traveled to the future?

Keeping this as the basic idea, the team brainstormed many ideas to make the game’s story as futuristic as possible and ended up drawing inspiration from the concept of afro-futurism that was first introduced. in the movie. Black Panther with the interpretation of Wakanda, a futuristic city with themes that combine Africa’s rich heritage with a hopeful future. This gave rise to the main theme of Indus, Indo-Futurism.

The game is set in the year 2500 and shows the future of India

Indus is based in the year 2500 and unlike any other battle royale game, Indus is not in a destroyed or dark state. It is set in an optimistic vision of India in the future and shows what could have been and what can still be. It gives players a unique reason to come back to the game again and again. Indo-Futurism also highlights those underrepresented regions of India that deserve local and global recognition.

Through Indo-futurism, the development team aims to set a bar for Indian games in the global gaming market. So far, we haven’t had much success in this task, but with Indus, the team hopes to represent the Indian vision of science fiction rooted in our culture, as with Godzilla from Japan or the Fallout series from United States. The fundamental pillars of Indo-Futurism are:

  1. Indian
  2. Futurism
  3. Culture
  4. Science
  5. Optimism

While the theme of the game explains the first two fundamental pillars, the others are extremely important considering science fiction. Science fiction over the years has been regularly associated with dystopian-style stories. However, with Indus, the development team plans to shift the narrative towards hope and optimism.

Experience modern weapons and futuristic battle royale gameplay

As the Indus is a futuristic world that has eliminated major societal issues with citizens that have a deeper understanding of their role in the world that emphasizes the use of technology for the betterment of the planet while remaining true to our roots and happily representing Indian mythology and elements of our culture such as arts and traditions.

Picture via SuperGaming

Despite all the Indianness involved, the game still has lethal modern weapons, mechanics, and gameplay that matches the current feel of the Battle Royale genre. The main goal of the team is to present users with an example of what Indian science fiction can do and to create a universe in which players and their friends can explore where they have stories to tell from Virlok.

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