Is Elon Musk a “preparer for the end of the world”? Here’s what the CEO of Tesla has to say


Unless you’ve lived under the rock, you know Elon Musk is active on Twitter and he replies to his fans on the platform as well.

The billionaire and tech entrepreneur has remained focused on his vision for his SpaceX business – establishing a permanent human presence on Mars. In addition, Musk is also the main supporter of cryptocurrency. The 50-year-old billionaire thinks and acts on a larger and more cosmic scale than other global entrepreneurs. His projects tackle almost every major industry and global problem imaginable. Not just Tesla or SpaceX, Musk’s other projects like The Boring Company, OpenAI, and Neuralink are gradually stepping up their game to bring about changes in infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and the healthcare industry. By now it’s clear that Musk has big businesses and there’s nothing he can’t do. Musk seems to be everywhere at once, pushing all kinds of futuristic tech.

As a result, one Twitter user recently referred to Musk as a “doomsday preparer.”

“Elon Musk is the world’s greatest doomsday prepper,” one user wrote.

Musk responded by saying, “Aspiring for everyone.”

Musk distances himself from the rest of the world when it comes to personal wealth. His net worth soared to $ 223 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, after a deal with investors valued his SpaceX at more than $ 100 billion.

Recently, Musk trolled founder Jeff Bezos after widening his lead as the richest person in the world. Musk tweeted a second place medal on Bezos’ tweet this week.

Musk derives about three-quarters of his fortune from Tesla Inc., which he co-founded in 2003 after making his fortune selling e-commerce site PayPal to eBay Inc. for $ 1.5 billion.

Musk received $ 0 salary in 2020, according to a company file, but he received stock options during the year that are now worth $ 22 billion.

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